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The Question Answer Session with David on the TV Guide Site


questions: Has it been hard to fit in with the regular cast? Also, how often did you flub the kissing scene with SMG?!?! I know a lot of guys would have kept on practicing that scene.

Deliberately flubbed. Of course. Just keep on going. They're a really great group of people over there. That's what made it so easy for me. And, you know, it was an easy adjustment; it wasn't hard. I kind of started on a recurring, so I started up with them when they first started the show, but I wasn't in on every episode. And then it just became kind of -- it just felt right, you know, it felt comfortable. So it was a total open arms on everybody's part. They're all very nice people.

TVGO SCI-FI: Was that a factor in giving Angel the expanded role? Or did they notice fan reaction?

You know, I don't really know. I just think that -- I really don't know, just worked out, you know? Just kind of seemed to work out. So, you know, that's just the way it is.

Is it weird to be famous?

Weird to be famous. I've never looked at myself as being a famous person, probably never will.

TVGO SCI-FI: Is that the secret?

Really strange concept to me. I work on a show. I'm fortunate enough to be on a show. I enjoy what I do. I think if you put cameras on doctors and people like lawyers and stuff -- which they do, kind of -- they become famous in themselves. I mean, it's kind of a weird medium that we're in. It's kind of the camera gets turned on you and you become famous.

It's kind of a strange word, famous. And it's one that I kind of stay away from, only because I just consider myself one of the people. Always want to be just a regular person. And I know that that's a lot easier to say than it is to do, actually, because the public perceives you as this other person, or people out there see you as this other character that you play. And it's great. I think that's very, you know, I love that, it's great.

But I kind of want to keep in check with that. You know, remember my roots, where I come from. And the only other that I can say is that you get a table faster at the restaurant maybe sometimes, I don't know.

TVGO SCI-FI: So it's not all bad.

You get the perks, I guess. You get free stuff in the mail. And little things that just kind of come along with the territory.

TVGO SCI-FI: What do you get for free?

Nice pair of Nike shoes, from the Nike people. That was nice.

dear David,
I would like to start by saying how much I enjoy the show and how much effort you put in to it. you and your character are doing the greatest job.

Are there any actors or actresses that give you inspiration?

Yeah, well, I was inspired by the late Yul Brynner at an early age. That's why I knew I wanted to be an actor: I saw him perform in The King and I in Philadelphia when he was still alive. I was 7 years old. And I saw him on stage. I was third row, and I was just blown away by his performance. And I came out and I just knew I wanted to be the King, I wanted to be an actor. He was unbelievable, the way he would just come out, he was still the King. He had a lot of power and force. I loved that in performances, a lot of power and force and subtlety as well.

I admire Gary Oldman, I admire Gwyneth Paltrow -- people that can be subtle and explosive at the same time. I love Pacino, Brando, those guys. I like eccentricity in characters. I think it's a mix -- Willem Dafoe is one of my favorite actors. I really like like John Cassavettes-type of characters, that kind of style. Raw and gritty. So that's the kind of stuff I like.

Hi David, how ya doing? I was wondering if you have experienced any embarrassing moments on the set of BtVS?

I haven't had a really big embarrassing moment yet on the set. Or maybe a couple of times where everybody was waiting for me to come to start a scene and I was outside goofing around, and I walked in and everyone just kind of looked at me. That was awkward.

Since you play a vampire on TV, were you into vampire movies before? Have you ever read any Anne Rice's books? Which was your favorite character and why?

Not necessarily, not really. I kind of only touched the surface while studying film at Ithaca. So I kind of studied some film there. And I watched, you know, Nosferatu was really a cool film. And I've read all the "Vampire Chronicles" books. Lestat was my favorite character. I thought that second book was one of the best books.

What kind of music do you like?

I'm kind of an old classic rock 'n roll kind of a guy. I like all types of music. The music I just don't really like, it gives me a headache, is house music. I don't deal with it that good, or electronic. That stuff's a little too -- I like live music like Clapton Live, I'm really a Grateful Dead kind of a guy. Rolling Stones. I'm way back. Like... Stills & Nash. I love blues. Blues, it depends -- you know, music sets the tone. You could really experience a lot through music.

TVGO SCI-FI: It's like the fiction you read, I guess.

Yeah. Music, it really has put me in a certain mood or helped me out, so it's therapy. I listen to the blues. I really love the blues, too. All types.

Hi! Now that Buffy's getting so much attention, and the cast is starting to make movies, is your career expanding at all? Any new movies or TV appearances in your future?

Well, we hope so. That's what we all would like. It would be great, you know? We've got some projects in the works, but we'll see.

Hi, David. I understand you're an animal lover. Me too. Would you please tell us about your pets? Thanks.

TVGO SCI-FI: Now, you told me a little about Bertha. Do you have any others?

Bertha Blue and another, a Chinese crested powder puff. It's a small dog. It sounds like a name for a cereal but it's a really cool dog. It's a small dog, it could be a circus dog, it's a trip.

Curious to know if you play any sports and if so, what?

A big golf fan. I play a lot of golf now.

TVGO SCI-FI: How did you acquire a taste for golf?

I've always played a little bit here and there. In college, I played with my friends. And then I stopped. And out here... I can't remember how I got hooked back into it, but I just started playing again. And it's a great game for focusing and relaxing. It is a very relaxing sport.

TVGO SCI-FI: But you used to play a lot of hoops?

Used to play a lot of hoops. My left knee is bad sometimes. It slips on me sometimes. So it's not one of the better sports for me to play, hoops. Every time I play basketball, my knee always pops out somehow. Always happens. I play all sports. You know, hoops. Football is one of my favorite sports. Hockey -- I wish I could play ice hockey again, that'd be great.

TVGO SCI-FI: But again, 'cause of your knee, you can't do it?

The knee again, yeah. Till I get fixed. I'll probably get my knee fixed next year, 'cause it only takes about two weeks to do it. They just go in there and they replace the ligament. So I can get a stronger knee back. It's what I'd like to do.

Are you planning to explore Angel's Irish roots?

I think so, yes. I hope that that's in the making now. Yeah, because that's where actually originally came from. And I'd like to speak some Gaelic on the show, if it's possible.

TVGO SCI-FI: Have you tried that?

Yeah. A girl that I know now, she's real versed in Gaelic, and she's great. She's from Dublin. So I hope that it is actually investigated. I think it's going to be investigated in all our characters, you know, on the show, which is great. I know Giles is now getting investigated now, his back story. So all in due time. I kind of want to just slowly develop this guy. I don't want to give everybody everything at once this character.

TVGO SCI-FI: Kailin also wants to know if the Claddagh has any meaning for you?

The Claddagh has a lot of meaning to me. Inside it is inscribed, in Gaelic, "Without you, my love." The Claddagh is extremely significant to me. The heart represents the love, and the hands are friendship... It has specific meaning for me.

Just wondering: how difficult is it playing a 242-year-old un-dead guy who is in love with someone who is supposed to kill him?

OK. As the character itself, how difficult is it playing a 242 year old undead man?

TVGO SCI-FI: I guess they wonder how difficult it is for you as an actor. I mean, I'm guessing there's very little in your personal experience that's like this.

Yeah, there is. You know, I haven't really put much thought into it. I mean, I know he's 242 years old. And I, as an actor, my job is to interpret the writing. So I just interpret what's on the script, and then I, you know, give a performance as best as I possibly can. But it's difficult at times, 'cause you have to do some research on time periods. And that's what I'm starting to do now.

TVGO SCI-FI: Are we going to see you in different time periods?

I hope so. I think that would be really cool, 'cause I kind of go back to some time periods. I think that would be really, really cool.

How long does it take for you to put on the vampire face ?

It takes about an hour 20 minutes. Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes an hour [and] 10 [minutes]. To take it off, it takes about 40 minutes, 'cause it's a prosthetic -- what it is, it's a prosthetic piece that fits around the nose, the bridge of the nose, and it's in my eyebrows. And so it's kind of like, you know, like Robin's mask on Batman and Robin? It's just like that, but what they do is then they paint the face on, they use the makeup to blend in. So it's the blending of the makeup that takes so much time, really basically. And then you just put the contact lenses on, and then you put the teeth in, and you're ready to rock and roll; you're ready to go. You're ready to hit the town. You're ready to hit the town and bite some ladies. Which I haven't done in a while, but may do soon.

TVGO SCI-FI: Right, you're sort of a recovering vampire.

I'm recovering. I can't stand it any more, I'm going to break loose. It's boiling up inside of me.

I'm not just a fan of Angel, but of the actor himself. Who are your friends offscreen and do you spend much time with them? Do you enjoy reading? Do you have a favorite author?

Let's see, I'd say I hang out -- I really hang out with my managers; Tom Posialli is a good friend of mine I hang out with. You know, my friends, not really on the set as much as I used to. I used to hang out with Nick, who plays Xander, but he's got a girlfriend now and everything. I hang out with my dog, Bertha.

TVGO SCI-FI: Bertha?

Yeah, Bertha Blue.

TVGO SCI-FI: What sort of dog?

She's a pound dog, a mix between a Lab, a little greyhound in her. I rescued her when she was a pup. Yes, she's a sweetheart. And I hang out with a very special person from Ireland.

TVGO SCI-FI: Do you have a favorite author?

I tend to read a variety. I enjoy reading Og Mandino. He's kind of like a self-help guru kind of a guy. My father turned me on to Og Mandino when I was in grade school and he kind of like gave me books for inspiration. So he was really inspiring.

I really like Roald Dahl, the late Roald Dahl, who was amazing, not only children's books, but also adult books, as well. I really dig Dr. Seuss. I really enjoy him a lot. Let's see, who else? I guess, you know, anything to do with film, I like film books or, you know, stuff like that.

TVGO SCI-FI: Biography?

Biographies. From Brando to -- I just finished a Brando biography that's been out three or four years. But I find it's kind of like quiet reading. And I was reading Tennessee Williams, [who] is another one of my favorite authors. Collected short stories. It's like my night reading.

TVGO SCI-FI: That's a pretty varied palette you have there.

You know, it's kind of like whatever I'm in the mood for. I have a library of tons of authors that I just kind of, whatever I'm feeling, I pick a book up and I just read it again. And I have, like, three or four books going at the same time.

Buffy kicks ass! And Angel is gorgeous.

Buffy does kick ass. She's funny, man. Even when she's down and out, whatever power she may have, you know, she comes back with a flair.

TVGO SCI-FI: Stephanie also said you're gorgeous.

That's very kind. Thank you, very much. I owe that to my mom and dad. Those are the two people that started it all for me. God bless parents. Where would we be without them?

TVGO SCI-FI: Unborn, I suppose.

That's very true.

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It is my FAVORITE show! I watch it faithfully every week! I was wounding are you planing to do any stunts in the up coming season(s)? Cause I know Sarah Michelle Gellar does her own. Thanks a lot! I love angel!!!!!

Yeah, actually, yeah. I've been doing some stunts in the past three episodes. We're now in episode six. And I've been kicking some vampire butt. That's been wild. A lot of fights. I've been doing more and more of my stunts, which is great. But as far as falling through windows is concerned, no. I'm not doing any of that yet. But I am doing a lot of light fighting.

This may sound stupid, but what did you look like when you were a kid?

That's all right, David, don't worry about sounding stupid. What did I look like when I was a kid. I had blond hair, extremely curly hair. Extremely long, curly blond hair. So this is quite a change.

TVGO SCI-FI: Wow. What happened?

I don't know. I guess just as I grew, my hair got darker. My hair is naturally curly. It just gets relaxed; I relax it for the show to straighten it out a little bit. If it was, you know, left, it's naturally curly. I get like this wave.

While waiting to hit the 'big time'... 1. What was the WORST job you've ever had? 2. What was the BEST job you've ever had?

Oh, God. Best job I've ever had. I'm really enjoying this job now. I have to say. I think that's really, it's a great job. A lot of other plays I've done, and one play in particular I did last summer I really enjoyed. It was here in Los Angeles, called Cowboy Mouth. It was a Sam Shepard play.

TVGO SCI-FI: Where in L.A. did you do it?

Right on the theater row there. They've got a small theater, the Hudson Theater.

TVGO SCI-FI: Who directed that?

Hamlet Sarkisian, who's a Russian director, who I really enjoyed working for. He came from the Leningrad School of Arts and he was real deep, you know? He was really amazing to work with.

TVGO SCI-FI: Did you learn a lot from him?

I really learned a lot from that guy. Let's see, worst job I've ever had. I'd kind of have to say parking cars was pretty bad.

TVGO SCI-FI: That sucks pretty bad, yeah.

Yeah. But I think a lot of the worst jobs I've had I've always -- there have been times when I've dreaded them. But there were times I've found ways to have a good time with them. I figure if I'm going to be stuck here working, I better have a good time. I'm not going to be miserable in a miserable situation. How can I turn this around? Because I know it's only temporary. So why hurt yourself even more? I always had that kind of philosophy. I mean, there are times when you're like, yeah, this really is the pits, man, this is terrible. And you get depressed. And then you just remind yourself that it's temporary and then you just go on and make the best of it.

Do you like the East or West Coast better? What did you think of the script when you first read it? And is there anything you'd change about your character?

I like the benefit of living on the East Coast. Of course, you have the changing of the seasons, which I really love. The West Coast is great for the weather at a certain time. I love the reality of the people back home. That's where I'm from, so my heart is kind of partial towards the East Coast on that level. Let's see, what was the second part of that?

TVGO SCI-FI: What did you think of the Buffy script when you first read it?

I'm trying to remember, 'cause it happened so fast. I got the role very fast. I was shooting the next day when I got the part. And I didn't have the script, I just had sides to it, you know. I had eight pages of sides that I had to learn. And then I kind of read the script after work. I really don't remember that part much. It happened so fast, you know?

And what I'd like to change in Angel's character? Just... man, I'd love to see sunrise outside. I'd love to be in the sun, man. That's would be probably one thing I'd like to change. I'd like to be able to have some kind of -- I don't know -- powers to be able to step outdoors and see the sunlight.




Transcript of chat with David on AOL 


OnlineHost: Tonight we are joined by BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's handsome "Angel, " actor David Boreanaz. Part-vampire, part-human, always mysterious, "Angel" is the only one who can turn Buffy's head. David Boreanaz, 27, is here tonight to take your questions about his career and about life behind the scenes of BUFFY. Welcome, David, and welcome to you!

Pomond: Welcome, David!

Pomond: How are you this evening?

AngelDavid: Greetings everyone!

AngelDavid: I'm great! It's hot in LA -- I'm surviving the heat.

Pomond: Well, I see that we've got a BUNCH of questions for David, so let's get going!


Pomond: (I'm assuming they mean the character of Buffy on the show.)

AngelDavid: I don't know. :)

Pomond: OK, next question ...

Question: What kind of presence will Angel have next season?

AngelDavid: Hopefully, a strong a presence. I don't know anything specifically about next season's scripts, but it's going to be a great season, so look out!

Question: Would you like to do screen work?

AngelDavid: Yes, definitely. I love the whole process, the preparation. TV has much more of a turnaround time, you see the results faster, but film is much more of a process. It's like two different kinds of paint on a canvas: oil and water. Both are beautiful, but they are different kinds of art.

Question: I wanted to know if you have a Fan Club for yourself or possibly for the show?

AngelDavid: No personal fan club, or for the show. This is all so new to me. But you can always send mail to the WB network for me!

Pomond: I think you can also find fan club information on the WB site (Keyword: WB)

Question: she's the slayer, he's a vampire. where is this relationship going? I know if I were Buffy, I'd have him make me into a vampire so we could be together forever!

AngelDavid: Hey folks, Bertha Blue, my dog says hi!

Pomond: Hey, Bertha!

Pomond: So whaddaya think, David? Do Buffy and Angel have a chance? (in a relationship, that is)

AngelDavid: I'm pretty tormented right now, so it's not very fun being a vampire. I'm torn between two worlds. But I'd love to watch the sunrise with Buffy, just once! :)

Question: What has been your favorite episode of "Buffy" so far?

AngelDavid: I loved the Hyenas episode. I loved the music, the editing and a very cool, eerie script. I loved watching the principal get killed.

Question: Would you write to one of your fans personally?

AngelDavid: Yes, I definitely would. If I get a letter that I can really feel and get in touch with, I would write the person back personally. I wouldn't use e-mail or call, I'd write a real letter.

Question: David: Has Joss let you in on what he has planned for Angel next season or how many eps you will be in?

AngelDavid: Because I'm a vampire, I can tell you I probably won't be in every episode. But he hasn't clued me in specifically on what will happen. We start shooting again in mid-July, so there's still a good month and a half for the writers to work.

Question: Are you open to the possibility of dating a fan?

AngelDavid: No, sorry. I'm afraid not.

Question: Who would you love to work with?

AngelDavid: Besides the people I'm working with right now? Gary Oldman, Martin Scorcese, Liam Neeson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pacino, DeNiro. My dad, my dog, friends and family too.

Question: What do you still hope to do, career wise?

AngelDavid: I just hope to do good work, whatever comes my way and I'm blessed with. I'd like to focus primarily on film work, down the line.

Question: What made you think of becoming an actor?

AngelDavid: I was brought up in an entertainment family. [My dad] started out as an entertainer and is now a weather forecaster in Philadelphia. In addition, I saw Yul Brenner in "The King And I " when I was 7.

Question: If you weren't acting, what would you be doing?

AngelDavid: Walking my dog, working with animals, probably with horses.

Question: What advice do you have for a beginning actor?

AngelDavid: Do theatre. Lots of theatre. Stand up in front of live audiences. It's so important to that because it helps you become confident. You learn to work off your mistakes. In order to succeed, you need to fail and fall down. It makes you a stronger person. :)

Question: How did you get the part of Angel?

AngelDavid: It was in the 11th hour. I had to audition, like anybody else, and I was able to pass the test. I think it might have been the sense of humor I brought that got me the role! In the beginning of the audition, I was trying to turn the rocking chair into a motorcycle and got everybody laughing.

Question: So, what's gonna happen between Buffy and Angel? Is Giles going to find a cure to return Angel to an actual human?

AngelDavid: We haven't researched that yet. I have no idea yet...but I'm looking forward to finding out! I must say, it's hard being 240 years old, with a conscience. I can't eve go out and get nice tan once in a while! :)

Pomond: (David mentioned earlier that the Buffy writers are still working on next season's script.)

Question: What was it about the Show that made you decide to audition?

AngelDavid: I didn't know much about the show, going into it. It was a fast turnaround. It was the blood...even though it has to come out of my refrigerator!

Pomond: :-)

Question: Angel who do you like best on the show Buffy or Darla

AngelDavid: Darla's dead, so Buffy's my bite.

Question: How do you film an episode? What kind of work and preparation goes into it before you get to the actual filming?

AngelDavid: It takes about 8 days to shoot an episode. It's very fast, back to back scenes. It's long hours. If I'm shooting a lot, it can range from 8-12 hour days. I prepare and rehearse in advance, and the cast rehearses on set. Rehearsal is pretty quick, just to sharpen your performance, on the set. Off set, the night before, we each prepare on our own a lot.

Question: HOW OLD ARE U

AngelDavid: 242 years old, with a conscience. 243 without the conscience.

Question: How old is Buffy????

AngelDavid: I don't know, actually.

Question: What was the experience like on the set of married with children?

AngelDavid: Ha! It was a laugh! If you can get beat up by Al Bundy, that's just a great experience in itself. That was one of my first gigs when I got out here a few years ago. It's a lot like theatre, since it's shot in front of a live audience.

Question: Because of the your growing fame from the show, where do you see yourself in a few years?

AngelDavid: Tough question! I'd like to be on a jet plane, heading to Tahiti, on vacation! (Everyone's welcome to come!)

Pomond: Woo Hoo!

Question: How do you even pronounce your last name?

AngelDavid: BOR-ee-ahn-as. Like the Aurora Borealis, but with a z.

Question: It must be hard portraying a vampire with a soul; what do you think is your characters greatest attribute and what is his greatest conflict?

AngelDavid: Greatest attribute: the fact that I can sense danger at all time. I have a sixth sense. Greatest conflict: I can't head to Vegas during the day in an open convertible. I can't pull out those fuzzy dice and say "hey! road trip!"

Question: Are their any physical difficulties to playing Angel?

AngelDavid: No, none whatsoever. What's difficult about looking deep into Buffy's eyes?

Question: Hi, David how did you get started in the industry?

AngelDavid: First, I performed for my family when I was 4 years old. Rumplestiltskin Theatre, live at home. It just took patience to get started in LA. I drove cross-country with my father when I first moved out here, and it went from there.

Question: What has changed in your life because of the show?

AngelDavid: Nothing has changed. I'm the same person, nothing has changed. It's a big misconception that everything changes. Of course, now I can buy my dog, Bertha, more dog food!

Pomond: I'll bet she appreciates that!

AngelDavid: (BTW, Bertha is here with me right now) Definitely! :)

Question: If you could play any Character on film or stage, who would it be?

AngelDavid: Something with a challenge. I'd love to play Cowboy Slim in Sam Shepard's "Cowboy Mouth."

Question: I have heard rumors that Sarah Michelle Gellar is hard to work with is it true?

AngelDavid: No! Not at all!

Pomond: Folks, we only have time for one more question ...

Question: What is your fav. thing about doing this show?

AngelDavid: Working with the people. It's really is just a big happy family. I'll tell you this: watch the show Monday night, and you'll see why I love it.

Pomond: David, thanks sooo much for sharing yourself with all of your fans!!!!

AngelDavid: Thank you for inviting me! Thanks for the support; I hope you'll keep watching the show!

Pomond: We'll be sure to tune in to Buffy the Vampire Slayer this Monday! Thanks to all for coming to this chat, which was sponsored by WB56-TV in Boston and Digital City Boston!

AngelDavid: It's going to be a great episode this Monday. Joss directed it himself. It's the season finale...but we'll be back next season!

Pomond: Thanks again, David!

AngelDavid: You're very welcome! Good night all!

OnlineHost: Copyright 1997 America Online, Inc.

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He's handsome. Mysterious. Part-vampire, part-human. And he's the only guy who can turn the world-wise head of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. He's "Angel," Buffy's sexy, elusive mentor on this season's hot new TV series from the WB Network (Mondays at 9pm ET).

You can meet "Angel" actor David Boreanaz in an AOL Live auditorium, this Wednesday, May 28 at 11pm ET (a perfect time for a vampire!). Boreanaz describes his character as "a cryptic guy with a message." Join the live chat and send him a message of your own! Hear about his career, and find out what's up with Angel's own vampire tendencies.

Boreanaz, 27, graduated from Ithaca College in New York. Prior to BUFFY, Boreanaz guest-starred on "Married ... with Children" and "Men Don't Lie," as well as appeared in several films, including "Best of the Best II" and "Aspen Extreme." As with many Hollywood actors, he has also been seen parking cars at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, handing out towels at a gym, and doing commercials from time to time. His agency resume lists some of his special skills as dialects (NY, London, German, Italian), basketball, baseball, football, bungee jumping, tennis, skiing, and harmonica.

This chat is brought to you by the WB Network, WB56 (WLVI-TV Boston) and many other WB TV stations. Join us to meet David Boreanaz on Wednesday at 11pm ET!

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Transcript of David's Chat on AOL


OnlineHost: His dark, brooding good looks stop hearts of all ages. His character's tortured love affair with the Slayer teases viewers every week with the possibility of angelic redemption.  David Boreanaz, otherwise known as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has seen his heartthrob status soar since he joined the show.   But it didn't come easy for him. It was a walk in the park with his dog that found him at the mercy of a Hollywood manager who saw goth heartbreak in his sensitive eyes and signed him for Buffy.

DCNYChuck: And now he is here to answer your Questions... Digital City New York and AOL Live welcome David Boreanaz of the WB's Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

DCNY Brian: David say hi!   :-)

David B.: Hi HELLO

DCNYAbby: Welcome David!!

DCNY Brian: Welcome David.. we are glad you are here!  Lets start with some questions.     :-)

David B.: Thank you it's good to be here let's go with some questions

Question: What's it like working with Sarah Michelle Gellar?

David B.: It's great she is a really sensitive person she gives a lot as a performer and she's a lot of fun to be around.

Question: Do you hang out with any of the cast outside of the show?

David B.: Not really no, we just kind of do our work but they are all GREAT to be around.

Question: What can we expect for next season?   Will the happy Angel overcome the demon Angel?

David B.: Obviously in Hell right now and I got my soul returned to me right before I went to hell so we're just going to have to see what will happen I can't give that away.

Question: Hello, David!  Every wants to know if you'll be returning to Buffy next season as a regular cast member.

David B.: Yes, don't worry about it I'm not going anywhere.

Question: What inspired you to be an actor?

David B.: I got a lot of encouragement from my parents and my friends Yul Brenner encouraged me he was in the king and I and he really took me and and encouraged me.

Question: Hi David! What are your plans for this summer?

David B.: Just to kind of relax I am here in New York now, and then head back to LA if you get a project great, you take it if not you just take it as it comes, but we all head back to the studio soon, we only get two months off.

Comment: David Boreanaz seems so nice, sweet, and he is soooo hot!

Question: Has your life on Buffy changed you at all?

David B.: That is such a kind comment.   Buffy has kept me very busy the work has been at a peak it hasn't changed my life personally, but it's been great so far, it's a great ride.

Question: Do you ever travel and go to malls and such to sign autographs?

David B.: I have never been to a mall, of course that is always open but no I haven't, I am not a big mall person to begin with, I feel claustrophobic in malls there's always too much going on.

Question: Thank you for making Buffy the best show in history.  Have you ever thought about if your life would be any different if you weren't on the show?   ():)

David B.: Buffy has given me many opportunities to expand my career.  That's a tough Question.   It would be different but who knows how it would be.

Question: Do you like acting or is it kinda stressful?

David B.: I like it.  If it was stressful I wouldn't be doing it.  The only time it is stressful is when you are under the gun.  But I love it so it is never stressful.

Question: Have you ever had feelings about Sarah Michelle Gellar?

David B.: LOL!!! No.   Feelings of course, we're friends, you have feelings you have memories and a good friendship.

Question: Do you enjoy playing Angel?

David B.: Yeah, I love it, he's great he is over 200 years old.  He's bad he's good.  He's kind of like a thermometer.   He's up, he's down.  It's great.

Question: Are you planning on working on the big screen?

David B.: Yeah, I definitely want to, I enjoy acting and that's where it leads but right now I am really enjoying myself and we'll see where it leads.

Question: How did you get the role as Angel on Buffy?

David B.: I had to audition.  I went in three or four times I met Joss and David and it was like any other routine it's not an easy situation, It's a stressful situation.

DCNYAbby: NikeAngel says:" I love and my sis send our love!!"

Question: Did you like being a vampire or being Buffy's girlfriend?

David B.: NikeAngel, that is so sweet, thank you so much. That puts a smile on my face, very kind.  I enjoy being a vampire, but I am a vampire when I am Buffy's boyfriend, but that's a loaded question.

Question: David do you have a girlfriend and how old are you?

David B.: Jeez, no comment but thank you for asking  :)    But I just had a birthday, I turned 28, I'm a Taurus

Question: In the sword fight, right after she catches the sword in front of her face and Angel and her start fighting, is that a stunt man?

David B.: Regarding the stunt it's actually a camera trick.   They shoot it in reverse, she lets her hand fly open so it looks like she is catching it, but it's really Hollywood magic.

Question: David, was it hard shooting the scene in Becoming Part 2 when Angel got his soul back and then Buffy killed him?

David B.: Buffy didn't kill me, she just sent me to Hell.  It was difficult there were some emotions there but it was a lot of fun.

DCNYAbby: BTVSlider says: "I cried during last night's Buffy, and I never cry at movies or anything. it was so sad..."

David B.: Oh, sorry, thank you I guess Joss wrote a really great episode for everyone to experience and that was fun.

Question: David, I heard Angel's getting his own show in 99, is this true?

David B.: Yes that is true It's going to be and extension of Buffy, That will be in fall '99 and will take place in LA and I will be back visiting Buffy and vice versa Joss wrote it as a type of chronicle, but the two shows will be intertwined.

Question: Hi David, just wanted to say that I think you're incredible on Buffy and wondered if the spin-off rumors were true.  Also do you have any advice for an aspiring actress?  Thanks!

David B.: Spin-off true.  Just do a lot of theatre to get your feet wet with your emotions, you learn more in theatre and travel a lot and experience life and life is an important part of it all.

Question: Do you ever go online? (other than Live chats)

David B.: I don't really use my computer that much, I am kind of old-fashioned in that regard.

Question: What kind of music do you listen to? from sandy

David B.: Sandy, I listen to all different types of music.  The only thing I don't like is techno, it gives me a headache, but I am a big music lover.

DCNY Brian: CrazNCute Says "Which is your favorite Spice Girl"

David B.: LOL Oh man, I don';t even know the names of them so it's hard for me to choose a favorite.

DCNY Brian: LOL!

Question: What's it like working with James Marsters and Juliet Landau?

David B.: Great. they are great people It's really rewarding when you work with a lot of spontaneous and talented actors I really enjoy working with the two of them.

Question: What's your favorite big city???

David B.: MMM, New York City is DEFINITELY my favorite big city every city is different but every city is cool.

DCNYAbby: DITA23 says: "Hey David I was sad to see you die last night.  Angel was Great bad or good."

DCNY Brian: Just Kiddin!

David B.: Again, I didn't die, I've just gone to hell and I'll be back and that's all I can say.

Question: David-- is it true you call people when they send you fan letters you like?

David B.: Sometimes I do It's important to stay in touch when it is something I connect to It's fun to hear their reaction, but yes I do like to respond to special fan mail.

Question: Can you give the inside scoop on what's gonna happen next season???  What's gonna happen???

David B.: No I can't get into it that deep.   I don't really know too much, but I am sitting in hell it's going to be interesting to see where Joss goes.  We'll all be back causing some problems.

Comment: David, I'm speaking for a lot of people here when I tell you that you are a very talented actor, and we hope you'll be on "Buffy" for a long while.

David B.: Oh thank you that is very sweet those are very kind words.  I hope I can entertain you for awhile and I look forward to the challenges ahead.

Question: I think you do an awesome job playing Angel.  I was just wondering.  Did you prefer being Evil Angel or Good Angel?

David B.: It's hard, I like all aspects I really enjoy his vulnerable side and his evil side, so there is a good balance there.

Question: How do u fell about where your character is going and do u have any speculation on what angel will be doing next season???  Is James Marsters (Spike) going to be returning to Buffy next season?   I really hope so.  He added a bunch to the show, and he was also really sexy!

David B.: I don't know what's going to happen with them but you will definitely be seeing some of them.

Comment: I love you David...just thought u might like to know...even though I am 13 years old.

David B.: <<blush>> thank you that's kind, very cute

Question: Hi David, I was just wondering how difficult was it to play two totally different parts?  A nice sweet guy and then a vicious vampire?

David B.: It was challenging.  I enjoyed his character a lot it was fun but it was also hard work, I enjoyed looking for things about him that I can identify with.

Question: Have you acted before "Buffy"?

David B.: I did a lot of theatre in LA, my history comes from doing theatre and commercials.  I really enjoyed doing theater.   I would love to do Broadway.  I love NY too much not to want to do Broadway, someday.

Question: Who would you say is your role model?

David B.: My father definitely, he's not only my role model but my best friend he's great, a really great guy

Comment: This is for "ANGEL".. You are great.  I watch Buffy every week and if I am going to be away the VCR is always on.  The series is better than the movie.

David B.: Thank you

Question: Do you think they'd ever start a love triangle between Angel and Buffy and Willow?

David B.: I think the series is definitely a vision that Joss had that he couldn't take the movie we really enjoy it.  Everybody loves working on it.  Regarding the love triangle, everything has got to be possible but you never know, it might be possible for a love triangle.

Question: What was the deal with the Whistler?

David B.: His character kind of has a balance between good and evil.  He is definitely going to be a pivotal character in the Angel series.

Comment: I really love the show and I think your martial arts skills are great.  I am a martial artist as well!!

David B.: A lot of the martial arts I don't do.  The stunt people do a lot of the kicks you see, credit has to go where credit is due, I like to do some of the stunts, but the stunt people are really great.

Question: Do you have any pets?

David B.: Yes, I have a dog, here name is Bertha Blue, a pound dog that I got she is a cross between a lab and a shepherd.

Question: Do you liked to be called Dave or David

David B.: DAVID, I like full names.

Question: Are there any upcoming magazine appearances?

David B.: Not that I really know of, when you see yourself all over, you realize that you forget when you do them.

DCNYAbby: They want to know how long you will be in New York David?

David B.: Not long enough.  If I had it my way, believe me I want to live in New York, but I'll only be in NY for a little while.

Question: How do you prepare for an audition?   I have my first audition on June 2nd up here in Seattle and I really would like some advice!

David B.: When you do your homework, just make sure you are very focused that you have your lines down and don't get too stressed about it it's only an audition and BELIEVE me they'll know you're nervous when you walk in the door.  Just have fun, the best thing you can do is have fun and don't let anything get to you. Use your nerves in a positive way, believe in yourself be confident.   Be a Lion and if you don't get it, don't let it get you  down. Just be patient there will always be another audition.  :)

Question: How long will it take for the gang to get Angel out of the Vortex?

David B.: That's on a whole other writing kind of thing.  That's something the writers will have to ponder over.

Question: What is your favorite food?

David B.: It's such a great written show we don't really dictate the story line.   I love Italian food, It's so simple but so great.  I love ribs, I like to BBQ, I'm Italian, I'm a big connoisseur of food.

DCNYAbby: Kiwisurfe: "Even though I'm completely heartbroken that you are taken, I wanted to tell you congratulations"

David B.: I don't know what that means but thanks I am officially not taken there is someone special in my love life, but I am not taken yet.  I don't really have time for a relationship, but no I am not married, that was a misprint.

Question: Do people ever follow you or chase you or something like that when your in the public??  (or has anything like that happened)

David B.: It just happened TODAY!!!    It was crazy I had to jump buildings, and jump into police cars.  That can get scary.  I'm just glad no one got hurt.

DCNY Brian: Here is a good Question...

Question: David, I'm a really big fan of yours and have enjoyed you on Buffy, but what was the one show you did that sticks out the most?   Lynn

David B.: Lynn, the one show was when I switched to an evil Angel the transition period sticks out in my head and the season finale was a blast.

Question: Do you have a fan club?  If so how can I join?

David B.: I don't know much about the fan club, I'm sorry I can't give you more info about that.

Question: Is there anything you can tell us about next season?  Anything at all?

David B.: LOL   Just be ready for another great season, Joss is going to stir up things even more, and when I come back I am going to have to answer to a lot of people.  You're just going to have to wait and see what happens, sorry.

DCNYChuck: Well, that's all the time we have for tonight.  David -- any last thoughts to share with all your fans here?

David B.: Thank you so much it was a pleasure being here.

DCNYChuck: Thank you for joining us... we appreciate it.

DCNYAbby: Thank you David this was fun!!

David B.: Thanks for supporting the show, we enjoy making it as much as you enjoy watching.  :)

DCNY Brian: Thank you David!... On behalf of Digital City New York and AOL.. we appreciate you visiting us!

David B.: Take care everyone!!!

DCNYChuck: Remember to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer!  And watch keyword: New York for more chats!


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Transcript of David's Chat on AOL


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AOLiveMCl: Let's give a big AOL welcome to David Boreanaz!

DvdBoreanz: Hi, good to be here with all my AOL fans.

AOLiveMCl: Here's the first question of the evening for David....

Question: Hey David! I was wondering if we are going to see Buffy and Angel back together this season?

DvdBoreanz: Oh. can't answer that!

You have to stay tuned for that, I don't want to give anything away. I will say that they will come to a meeting place once again.

Question: Did you really have to buy Ingrid an outfit everytime you kissed Sarah on TV????

DvdBoreanz: Yeah, that's the agreement! That's more or less it.

Question: David, will Spike and Dru be returning any time soon.

DvdBoreanz: Spike actually just did an episode that won't be on for another month. Dru will probably be back for the season finale.

Question: Hey Mr. Boreanaz. This is Liz from Philly. I just wanted to say that everyone in Philly is so proud to say that you're from here.

Do you ever miss the Tastykakes and (of course!) the Cheesesteaks? :o)

DvdBoreanz: Yeah, I miss it all the time! The cheesesteaks, the Tastykakes, the people. Philadelphia has a special place in my heart.

Question: When is the next time we're gonna be able to get your autograph, here in Chicago? Michelle & Christina

DvdBoreanz: I was just actually at the Levi's store I was just there doing autographs.

Question: what is the most embarrassing prank a fellow cast member has ever played on you?

DvdBoreanz: I never really had one played on me ... I usually partake in them. Nothing really to speak of.

Question: Dear David: Me and my friends love you We wanted to know if you can send us a autographed pic of you.Also I wanted to know how you got in show bizz.Thank you CutieCMK

DvdBoreanz: At a young age. I was always around the theatre in NYC... it kinda grew on me as I grew older. I fell in love with the theatre and went from there.

Question: The tattoo Angel has on his back is beautiful, I was wondering where it comes from, is there a story behind the design?

DvdBoreanz: Actually Todd Macintosh designed that -- he's the makeup artist for the show. It's a Celtic tattoo.

Question: Who do you hang out with the most on and off the set?

DvdBoreanz: No one really in particular. We're so busy working that we really only see each other when we're working. When we're not working we kinda do our own things. That's not to say that when we see each other outside of work that we don't hang out ... but we rarely do.

Question: What is your favorite esp. this season? I loved Beauty the Beast. Like the fall part! Love, Faith

DvdBoreanz: So far this season, I don't know really. We're shooting one now that will be good. It's a real turning point in Angel's character and Buffy's character. Angel's character and Buffy's character. It's being directed by Joss.

Question: Hi, I'm like your biggest fan. I was wondering, do you have any advice to an aspiring actress???

DvdBoreanz: Just be patient. Do theatre. Don't be turned down by rejection because it happens. Sooner or later you get a thick skin with it ... just hang in there.

Question: I've heard some rumors that Angel and Cordelia are going to get together and leave for L.A.... is this rumor true?? :o)

DvdBoreanz: Yep! It's gonna be a new show coming out next year, a spin-off called "Angel." I can't say any more about it because I don't wanna give too much away.

Question: What kind of music do you like?

DvdBoreanz: All different types, I'm a real classic rock n roll type of guy... The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Dead,

Question: Hi ... I just wanted to say you are a great actor. Also, do you know if there are any plans of making a Buffy feature film? I really think it would do well. Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to have great success in the years to come!

DvdBoreanz: Thank you very much. There has been talk about a "Buffy" film. I don't think it'll happen any time soon, but maybe somewhere down the line it could happen with some of the characters.

Question: Hey David! How do you feel about your character now that his soul has been restored?

DvdBoreanz: Somewhat pleased. I am gonna enjoy the transition and the characterizations that I can get into now. I'm also interested in diving into his past a little bit more.

Question: David, are you aware that "entertainment asylum" is giving out fan appreciation awards called YOU'VE GOT FANS? I voted for you for "Coolest Male" & "Celebrity I'd Most Want On My Buddy List." How do you feel about awards like this?

DvdBoreanz: That's very nice! It's great to have that kind of connection with your fans, especially with a show like this. Awards like that are something of a blessing. They're not political ... I've been very fortunate.

Question: Does David have AOL?

DvdBoreanz: Yep!

Question: Did you have fun doing the MTV special with the entire cast of Buffy?

DvdBoreanz: Yeah, it was fun. It was kinda a long day. We were doing an episode at the same time, but it's always fun when you're doing something like that with the whole cast.

Question: David, Do you believe in Vampires and Demons???

DvdBoreanz: No. LOL

Question: Have you played in anything before "Buffy"?

DvdBoreanz: Just in theatre. I did a lot of theatre ... small bits on TV shows, and in some commercials.

Question: Hi David you are sooooo hot!!!! I love you!! But to the point I was just wondering what your fav football team is??

DvdBoreanz: Seeing that I'm from Philadelphia, I like the Eagles -- they're pretty bad this year.I also like the Pittsburgh Stealers.

Question: What is the most challenging thing you've had to do on the show so far?

DvdBoreanz: Every day is pretty challenging. Every day is something different. I consider most everything a challenge. I'll take something and do the best I can with it, as much as I can.

Question: Halloween just over, did you buy REAL candy for your trick-or-treaters? or the crappy stuff so as not to be tempted to eat it yourself?

DvdBoreanz: I was working, so I really didn't get a chance to do any of that.

Question: I heard you say you love horses. I have one I am crazy about. Do You ride

DvdBoreanz: I do ride. Not as much as I'd like to. I definitely see horses in my future somewhere.

Question: Hi David! How good of a kisser is Sarah-Michelle Gellar? How was it playing such an evil character when you have always been the "nice" vampire?

DvdBoreanz: Sarah's a great person! It was easy for me because she's so professional -- she's sweet and loveable. Playing evil Angel was a stretch and challenging, again. I enjoyed it, but I think we're done with it because we've done all we can with it.

Question: Hi David! First of all I LOVE YOU!!!! But my question is, what first acting "gig" you did that got your career jumpstarted?

DvdBoreanz: I did a "Married With Children" episode back in 1992. That helped me out.

Question: How is Bertha Blue? I think your dogs are so cute. Love how you got Bertha's name. How sweet you took Bertha in. Is Bertha a girl or boy?

DvdBoreanz: Bertha's a girl. She's doing great, enjoying life as a dog should be.

Question: We often hear how long the days are on set, please describe a typical day.

DvdBoreanz: It all depends on the episode. Usually a 16 hour day you're in at 6am and out late that evening, depending on whether, for me, I have to go into prosthetics to become a vampire. There's a lot of waiting, too, between scenes. There's lunch... do your work, you're outta there. That's pretty much it.

Question: Hi David... is there an email address that fans can reach you at,or any other form of something we can reach you by?

DvdBoreanz: No email address. Send mail to the WB Network ... I don't know the address, though.

Question: when are we going to see you on the big screen?

DvdBoreanz: Have patience!

Question: Are you feeling any pressures coming from the fact that you will be in the WB's first spin-off sitcom? If so, how are you dealing with them?

DvdBoreanz: No big pressures, no. I'm fortunate to be with Joss, who's a great writer. I kinda take it as my job and the next challenge in my career. Every day is pressure, really. I get up every day and do my best, fail or succeed. I always know in the long run I'll learn something from it.

Question: David: What do u like to do in your free time when you are not working?

DvdBoreanz: Golf. I like to be outdoors. Hang out with the dogs, see movies... working out. Stuff like that.

Question: what would you be if you were not an actor?

DvdBoreanz: Hmmm. Maybe a horse trainer.


Question: I was wondering how has your life changed since you have been on the show?

DvdBoreanz: Just been very busy. Life seems to be very hectic with work, making appearances, or going to benefits. Life is a full schedule for me. Not a lot of time to "come down," which is important because you have to do that from time to time.

Question: How do you feel about the why vampires are viewed in modern society, how some people try to imitate and mimic them?

DvdBoreanz: I really don't think about that much, how they're viewed, really. I guess that's because I really don't believe in vampires.

Question: What do you draw upon as an actor to act the full spectrum of an truly malevolent character one moment, and a brooding, good character the next?

DvdBoreanz: Focus.

Question: Is anyone in your family in show business?

DvdBoreanz: My father is a weatherman in Philadelphia. He's been in television for over 35 years.

Question: Are you anything like the character you play on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Angel)?

DvdBoreanz: No. Not, you know, a vicious killer. You tend, as an actor, to take experiences you've had and blend them into a character you play.

Question: Hi David! I love to watch you on Buffy, How many days do you get to learn your script before the show?

DvdBoreanz: Not too many, TV shows are a fast turnaround. If we're lucky we get the script 2 days before we start shooting... if we're lucky! It's a lot of work. 8 days to shoot an episode.

Question: Hi David... I've been trying to get an autographed photo of you for awhile... was told at a recent SciFi convention that you'll be touring with them soon, any truth in that?? Xoxo Leslie

DvdBoreanz: No.

Question: I've seen that you are very close to your parents, what's your favorite memory w/ them?

DvdBoreanz: Favorite memory... every day, really. Nothing in particular. They've been very supportive.

Question: Who is your hero?

DvdBoreanz: My dad.

Question: I read your interview in TV Guide, and I thought it was so funny! But just one Question: What makes an English muffin so hip?

DvdBoreanz: Cause it's all crunchy... nooks and crannies.

AOLiveMCl: Here's our final Question for the evening for David:

Question: hi David, if you could say anything to the teens of America, what would you say?

DvdBoreanz: I would definitely say be a free spirit. Follow your own path, a truthful path. Don't be destructive to others. Live to love life. Failure is normal, crying is acceptable ... and always call your mother.

AOLiveMCl: David, it's been a pleasure having you on AOL and having you take time out of your day to appear with us.

DvdBoreanz: Thanks for having me, I really enjoyed spending some time with you! I look forward to spending some time with you in the future.

AOLiveMCl: Thank you again, David, And thank you to the audience for all those Questions! Good evening!!! Until next time, AOL…

OnlineHost: Copyright 1998 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Transcript of David's Chat on AOL/TV Guide


TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with David Boreanaz star of the hit series, Angel. Welcome David!

Boreanaz: Well, thank you for having me back, first of all. And thanks for all the support that you've given us in the first season. This time out we promise you a lot of twists and turns, dilemmas between characters. It promises to be a great time.

Question: Now that Angel will be using the Karaoke bar as his guide to the TPTB, what songs should we be looking forward to hearing Angel sing?

Boreanaz: Well, you know the songs are totally dictated by the Powers on the Other Side...Namely Joss and David.

TV Guide Online: You have no say at all?

Boreanaz: They just like humiliating me, so I have no idea what's in store. And their taste is just BAD.

Question: Hi David! First of all the show is doing so well and I'm really enjoying it! My question is how is the Valentine movie going? Are you finished or have you just started shooting? I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks!

Boreanaz: We wrapped production in July. But they finished principal filming about two weeks ago. But, we all had a good time, it was a good supporting cast, and we're just looking forward to a really good film.

Question: You currently had an interview with saying that theres an episode coming up that involes you, Spike, Drusilla, Darla and the master...can you give us any clues anout the episode?

Boreanaz: That's it. Just think of what happened in the past, and you just have to wonder about those situations. And if we told you, it would be kinda boring wouldn't it. But, when those people come back, you know that will be playing a big role in Angel's life, and it will be something to look forward to.

Question: Are you worried about Dark Angel being put into the same time slot as you? How will that affect you?

Boreanaz: I'm not necessarily worried about it. It's just a different kind of show. Not unlike how Buffy and Angel are different. All you can do is embrace it and wish them the best. It was the same place we were last year. Fortunately, we were embraced and we're back for another season. I don't really worry about those kinds of things. I just come in, hit my marks and go home.

Question: Did you know how to ride a horse, or did you have to learn for the scenes in last weeks episode?

Boreanaz: Yes, I do know how. I rode when I was a kid, but I don't ride on a regular basis, just when I can. But, before doing that scene I went up to a ranch and got used to it again. I'm athletic, so I had an absolute blast on the horse.

Question: Will Cordelia finally get a chance to help kick some demon butt?

Boreanaz: Yeah, she definitely will. She's going to be more involved in the fights. Her character will be getting bigger and better as the episodes move on, so she'll definitely be kicking some butt. :)

Question: How long does the vampire face take to put on??

Boreanaz: Takes about an hour and ten minutes tops. Taking it off is the biggest ordeal really. It's just a piece on the top of the forehead and goes to the base of the nose. I usually just fall asleep whenever they're doing it. :)

Question: How do you feel about the addition of Gunn to the cast?

Boreanaz: Great character! He just came on last season, coming from the outside of our world. He's added a lot of depth to our roster. When you bring on characters, they either work or don't, and we were very lucky to find J. It's a real plus for a show like this. We hope to add more characters as we move on... When and where we don't know.

Question: Hi David. I just wanna say that I'm a big fan and that you are extremely talented. Do you relate to Angel in any way?

Boreanaz: Whatever type of character you play, you add some flair, some moxy, some shine to him when you do him. I like to keep him quick witted, and I've been taking kung fu so I can do more of my own stunts this year, which I like. That's really about it.

Question:Do you think improved team Chemistry will better Philly's chance at the Stanley Cup this year?

Boreanaz: Well, you know, hopefully they'll have a good year. I just hope that Bobby Clark isn't a thorn in our sides. I hope they do well.

Question: Would you ever consider Stage work? Is there a role you have always wanted to play on the stage?

Boreanaz: I did it before I did before I got Buffy. That was my existence for about three or four years when I first moved out here. So, I would definitely go back


TV Guide Online: Just no musicals?

Boreanaz: No, not after that performance. :)

Question: Hello David, I really enjoy watching Angel and I understand it has gotten very popular, Do you have any regret being famous or having alot of attention towards you?

Boreanaz: I don't look at it as a vanity for myself, just part of the whole process. I'm not in this to be famous. I enjoy the work and the process of creating it. Everything else is secondary. It really is.

Question: Will there be anymore Buffy & Angel Crossover episodes?

Boreanaz: There will be some crossovers in the future. They're not easy to do, because they're a scheduling nightmare. But, they will occur... and they will be REALLY good ones.

Question: In what direction would like to see your character further develop?

Boreanaz: I'd like to see him drive cars really fast on the highways... LOL. I'd like to see him more aggressive with his personality, which we've started to move towards. He's very good in a situation when he feels trapped. He's awkward in those moments, and they're fun to play. I'm sure that more of those moments will happen, it's just a matter of when.

Question: If given the opportunity to write one of the Angel episodes, would that be something you would be interested in doing?

Boreanaz: No, not right now. No real interest.

Question: Hey David! Who or what was your inspiration to become an actor?

Boreanaz: Inspiration wise, there's an old school teacher, Kelly Manners. He was just a great teacher. He taught me to be honest and open with my feelings. As for advice, go out and live life. That's what Kelly taught me. Don't be sheltered... Go to Europe. Experience life to the fullest.

Question: Is Faith going to return as a regular in the future?

Boreanaz: Don't know. :)

Question: David, I was just wondering how you feel about Angel's evolution from "cryptic guy" on Buffy's first season to where he is now?

Boreanaz: Well, it's definitely taken me to get my own show... LOL. So, I can't be too unhappy with that. Yeah, I like where he's been going, and I look forward to playing with him a bit longer.

Question: What kind of music do you like?

Boreanaz: I like the Blues, classic rock, jazz. I like all kinds of music...The only music I don't like is the headache-y techno music. It just really doesn't do anything for me.

Question: Besides television, what else would you like to be doing in the future?

Boreanaz: Basically get back to stage work again. I just want to be happy and be working. Which I am.

Question: Do you still have the dog that got you your original job on Buffy?

Boreanaz: Yeah. Bertha is still alive...Getting fed, and loving life. LOL

Question: If Angel becomes human is that the end of the show or is there more that can be done?

Boreanaz: Who knows? The end is always the end. No one can dictate when it's going to end. But, his existence will be enhanced and take him in a different direction. It'll definitely be awkward for him. Who knows? He may not even be able to survive...

Question: Do you think that even though Angel has a lot of supernatural themes that a lot of everyday life is reflected in it?

Boreanaz: Yeah! LA is pretty crazy. What better place to put the show in. People living every day with their demons just come out in different ways. And it's not that far off from how life in LA really is... LOL

Question: Any hints about tonights show?

Boreanaz: Tonight's show is really one for the books. It's when we find out where Angel's new offices are going to be. The transitions were just great to do. We stick with the colors that were indicative of the period rather than going black and white. The director David Semel did a great job, and Tim Minear who wrote the episode is a great episode. We're really proud of it. But, I'll let the episode speak for itself. Just don't go to the Dark side... :)

TV Guide Online: Thank you for chatting with us tonight David! We are looking forward to tonight and the rest of the season!

Boreanaz: A pleasure! Thank you to all my fans, and for tuning in. And I think you're really going to enjoy tonight's show. Good night!




David's Visit to the Buffy Posting Board

David (Angel) says:
(Wed Aug 6 17:01:22 US/Pacific 1997

...Meanwhile, what I was trying to say-Keep watching and many Vampire Kisses to all the ladies out there. Gotta go and kick some Vampire A$$$!
Talk to you all soon-Bye

David (Angel) says:
(Wed Aug 20 14:37:25 US/Pacific 1997

Hello... sitting here with my friend RD in the Buffy office sipping iced tea on one helluva hot day. Looking forward to working again on Friday with Sarah i n the Graveyard. Bye Keep watching. Thanks for all the support.

David (Angel) says:
(Wed Sep 10 14:58:18 US/Pacific 1997

Hello to all of you out there, once again...
I sit here in my "game face"(a.k.a. Vampire make-up) waiting to do a scene.
Just wanted to say "Waz up!"


David B. says:
(Fri Jan 23 16:44:25 PST 1998

Angel is here to talk-Using RD's computer.

David B says:
(Fri Jan 23 16:50:10 PST 1998

Work is going great right now! Very busy on the Buffy set...Things are getting very interesting!

David B says:
(Fri Jan 23 16:56:56 PST 1998

I enjoy playing evil. But the transition was difficult because it was hard watching Buffy cry. I enjoy working in scenes with Spike and Dru. Lunch just ended gotta get back to work. Check in with you again... thanks for all your support... keep watching.


Chat with David on MSN


MSN Chat.bmp (1281888 bytes)



7/21 David Boreanaz

Nelson: Hi! I'm Nelson Aspen! Welcome to my place! I hope you're in the mood to watch TV, hang out, eat food and make merry — 'cause I am! Fortunately, I can type and eat at the same time. I am going to be joined by my gorgeous neighbor Zulema.

Zulema: Hello Hello!!!!

Nelson: In fact, she's walking in right now! Hi Sweetie! Aren't you cold in those shorts Honey?

Zulema: I hope someone here can keep me warm!!

Nelson: Would that someone be our special celebrity guest tonight, David Boreanaz?

Zulema: I hope so!!!!

Nelson: You know him from the hit WB show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." He plays Angel, the sexy undead vampire, who loves Buffy ...

Zulema: A lot!!

Nelson: Get your questions and comments in for David, and our screener will try and pass on as many as possible throughout the show. He's a great guy and a dog-lover.

Zulema: I hope I brought enough doggy ears for everyone!!

Nelson: Well, I went to the pet shop and bought a surplus amount, so have no worries. Zulema's chihuahua Precious and my spaniel Lois are out in the kennel, and we're going to let them in when David arrives. He'll be bringing his Labrador, Bertha Blue.

Nelson: It's a dog party!!!!!

Zulema: Does Lois have on her new sweater???

Nelson: No, just her party hat, as you can see in this graphic. She and Precious are so sweet!

Zulema: I love our doggies' style!!

Nelson: And you'll love David's Lab, Bertha Blue. Did you know, everybody, that because of Bertha Blue, that David was discovered in Hollywood?

Zulema: Howz that????

Nelson: He was out walking Bertha Blue when a big-time Hollywood talent manager spotted him. Just like Lana Turner in the soda shop.

Zulema: We need to walk our dogs more!!

Nelson: Darling, that's why I have a dogsitter.

selina: thank god for the pooch! otherwise we'd have lost out!!!

Nelson: Selina, you sound like a big fan of David's. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has been a runaway hit for the WB, and they owe a lot of that to David's seething undead character, Angel. But he's not the first sexy vampire to cross the screens of TV and film. No, there have been other sexy bloodsuckers in entertainment history.

Zulema: I loved Tom as Le'stat!!

Nelson: That's the subject of our first poll! You'll have 5 minutes to RSVP your response. After you vote, click on the show icon to return to the graphics screen. We ask, which of the following is the sexiest vampire? Your choices are: A) Frank Langella, B) Jason Patric, C) Brad Pitt, D) Gary Oldman. We already know Zulema's choice. What do you folks out there think?

Zulema: What happened to Leslie Nielson???

Nelson: I liked him better in "The Poseidon Adventure." Zulema, will you bring the dogs in while I take a few questions from the audience?

Zulema: Sure!!

Montana: How does he feel about cat lovers?

Nelson: You're going to have to ask him. Something tells me he's feline-friendly, Montana.

Tessa: I'm glad he doesn't mind doing chats or i'd never be able to ask him anything!

Nelson: He not only doesn't mind Tessa, he told me he's very happy to be here! Since it's a dog party, we might have to make you sit up and beg though! :-)

Zulema: (Zulema throws a dog bone in Nelson's lap, causing Lois to jump all over him)

Nelson: Good girl! Good girl! You too, Lois! Zulema, my Lois is much more affectionate than your Precious!

Zulema: No, just wilder!!

Nelson: (The dogs run to Nelson's front door, yipping and yapping)

Zulema: I think they know David is bringing his dog!!

Nelson: And he's here right now! (David Boreanaz enters with Bertha Blue pulling him on a leash) David, welcome to Nelson's World! You too Bertha Blue!

Zulema: Hi David!!

DavidB: Oh, thank you. Bertha is delighted to be here, as well as myself, though she is a little crazy tonight, because she is a pound dog.

Nelson: Well, Lois and Precious are both purebred, but they're not snobs. David, is it really true that Bertha Blue is responsible for your career?

DavidB: Yeah. She is. She basically led me to the right direction and I was spotted by the guy in the truck that takes the dogs away, and they both took Bertha and I away, and before you know it, we were discovered by people in the pound.

Nelson: I think you have a flair for exaggeration, but I'll let it slide ...

DavidB: Thanks.

Nelson: We were talking to our audience about other actors who play vampires with sex appeal. Let's see how they voted. We asked, which of the following is the sexiest vampire? FYI David, you were not included in the poll. We just take it for granted that your fans love you.

Nelson: The results are: 20% for Frank Langella, 60% for Brad Pitt, 20% for Gary Oldman. No votes for Jason Patric. He was crucified.

DavidB: Oh, man I forgot about "The Lost Boys."

Nelson: Were you a vampire fan before "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" David?

DavidB: Yes. I was. I enjoy vampires, I think they're interesting night creatures, mythically speaking.

Zulema: David, who's been your favorite vampire??

DavidB: On film? Gary Oldman, definitely, I thought he was great in "Bram Stoker's Dracula." As well as the film itself.

chyle: what do you have in common with vampires?

DavidB: LOL. Night dweller.

DavidB: I enjoy blood from a young female, preferably brunette, light skin.

Nelson: Kinda like Zulema!

Zulema: Hmmmmmm!!!

Tessa: Have you ever read Anne Rice?

DavidB: Yes. I have read all the novels, "Lestat," "Interview with the Vampire," "Thief of the Body Snatchers," and then all the "Chronicles."

Nelson: How about "East of Eden"? The one she wrote under another name.

DavidB: Don't know what you're talking about. LOL.

Nelson: It's not one you'd forget.

DavidB: Calm down, Bertha!

Nelson: Bertha Blue! Put that down!

DavidB: She needs treats.

Nelson: (Bertha is chewing on Nelson's Louie XIV tapestry)

DavidB: Bad dog!

Zulema: Oh oh!!

DavidB: Oh, give her a break. It's Louis XIV, please.

Nelson: Do you give her 10% of your earnings David? Or does that go to a different kind of bloodsucker?

DavidB: Ummmm. That goes to a different type of DOG, the Hollywood dogs. They're all bloodsuckers in Hollywood.

Nelson: LOL.

cala: hi david, your the first star Ive evered chated with,so do you chat alot on the internet?

DavidB: This is the second time, actually. It's a pleasure to be here. Bertha and I are thrilled.

Nelson: And now gang, if you have a TV near your PC, David, Zulema and I are going to introduce you to the fun of "simulchat." That's the word we use to describe the experience of simultaneously watching TV while we chat online. If you can, flip on FOX TV's "When Animals Attack." I figured it would appeal to David's vicious nocturnal sensibilities.

DavidB: Oooh. [a shark swims by on the screen]

Nelson: If you CAN'T watch along with us (meaning, not on the West Coast), don't worry. We'll fill you in on all the disastrous occurrences that are almost as exciting as a date with Buffy.

Zulema: Or a night at Nelson's Place!!!

Nelson: Oh deer! There's a deer attacking a hunter in the intro! It's hosted by Robert Urich, prior to his hair loss!

Zulema: Nelson!!!

Nelson: It's a good thing he wasn't attacked! The set looks fairly safe.

DavidB: I think Bertha has your shoe, Nelson.

Nelson: Poor Lois is under the couch. She's too afraid by these video clips.

DavidB: Okay, chew away, Bertha.

Zulema: As long as Bertha stays away from my shoes, she's okay!!

Nelson: We're watching a trainer with a giant grizzly bear.

DavidB: And suddenly ... Angel attacks from afar. That's what I do with my victims. Suddenly, without warning. Overhwhelming speed.

Zulema: OOOHHH!!! I like that!!

Nelson: Can Angel turn into any other animals? Besides a bat? Wait a minute, is a bat an animal?

DavidB: No, I don't turn into a bat, Nelson. A bat's a bird.

Nelson: You can't turn into anything?

DavidB: Just a vampire. LOL.

Nelson: I know that Angel came to America 80 years ago.

DavidB: 80 years ago ...

Nelson: You must use a good moisturizer.

DavidB: I do. I stay out of the sun as much as I possibly can. It's difficult, because I have this really great car I travel in, a '56 convertible.

Nelson: On TV, they're showing two surveyors who were attacked in the wilderness. These people were extras in "Deliverance" I think.

DavidB: This guy looks like a vampire [to screen]. Not Kyle, the other guy. Like Buffy and I, we lead the way to the master, only to find destruction.

Nelson: David's getting into this! That's good!

DavidB: Sit, Bertha.

Zulema: Has "Angel" ever been attacked David??

DavidB: Never. I attack only.

Nelson: I'm afraid I would be attacked by this woman on TV. She looks like the undead!

Zulema: She is scary!!

DavidB: LOL. She is the undead.

Gene: Do you think Angel's a lot like Louis from the Anne Rice books?

DavidB: Similar. Not exactly the same. The fact that I don't wear clothing as beautiful ...

Montana: (re: Angel never being attacked) Not true, Angel was attacked in "Teacher's Pet".

DavidB: The bear is going crazy!

Zulema: Oh?

DavidB: Oh, Montana.

Nelson: Being a vampire results in short-term memory loss I see!!!!

DavidB: Yes, I was scratched, not attacked. My instincts were not as sharp that evening.

wendell: would you like to continue playing vampires?

DavidB: No.

Nelson: How much longer will your gig with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" last?

DavidB: As much as there's enough blood out there for me to drink.

Nelson: Why don't you put these people on "When Animals Attack" out of their misery David?

DavidB: Okay.

Tessa: Does your family say anything, good or bad, about your portraying Angel?

DavidB: No, nothing bad. They're just happy that I'm working. LOL. Basically.

Nelson: Thanks to Bertha ...

DavidB: Bertha Blue! There is a backstory to Bertha Blue.

Nelson: Do tell!

DavidB: Bertha was her first name, and she was lost in Griffith Park for a month and a half. The reason why she was lost is because someone found her, took the leash off, returned the leash, but not the dog ... real smart person. Poor Bertha was stuck out in the real world with no identification.

Nelson: She could've been another casualty, like in "When Animals Attack."

DavidB: It's true.

Zulema: Is Bertha Blue your only baby??

DavidB: Yes. So I put out warnings and signs, and prayed to the gods, the dog gods. My prayers were answered through an ad since she's described as "one ear up, one ear down."

Nelson: Her ears go both ways ...

DavidB: So I showed up and the people had called her "Blue." That's what she responded to. So I incorporated Blue [into her name].

Nelson: Lois was named Whitney before I got my hands on her. Precious has always been named Precious.

DavidB: LOL [to graphic].

Nelson: While "When Animals Attack" has a commercial, let's get to know David a little better. So aside from dogs David, what are your other big loves?

DavidB: The outdoors. Hiking, camping. Climbing, running in the desert, howling at the moon.

Nelson: You do have an animal side, don't you ...

DavidB: Mmmm Hmmm.

Zulema: Is that what you do on the weekends??

DavidB: Every night.

Nelson: And how is it to work on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?

DavidB: A lot of fun. People are great, the cast.

Nelson: Its success has surprised a lot of folks. Has it surprised you?

DavidB: Yes, it has. I didn't expect it to be as great of a hit as it's been so far. I'm just pleased to be working on it.

Nelson: Well, according to my research, you've always worked a lot, and have had some pretty interesting jobs. But we'll be talking about those later ...

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: Let's hear from your fans.

AngelFan: Is it true you just became a series regular?

DavidB: Yes, it is.

Nelson: I'm glad you're regular David.

Zulema: LOL.

DavidB: Thank you. So is Bertha. She gets more dog food now.

Montana: Have you started back to work on the show yet.

DavidB: Just finished the first episode for next season. Actually, we start shooting tomorrow for the second episode. So we're back into it.

Nelson: And we're back into "When Animals Attack" on FOX TV. If you're in the Pacific Time Zone, you can watch along with us. That would be me, the girl next door, Zulema, our dogs Lois and Precious, and special celebrity guest, David Boreanaz.

DavidB: Zulema!

Nelson: And his dog Bertha Blue!!!!

Zulema: Yes!!

DavidB: Vicious dog at large! Vicious vampires. Beware! [referring to show]

Nelson: Ahhh, how appropriate! [reference to "When Animals Attack" segment] Has Bertha Blue ever had an encounter with a pit bull David?

DavidB: I don't know. Possibly. When she was lost for a month she probably had a lot of encounters with a lot of creatures.

Nelson: Look at that big fat woman on TV who is being combative! She's more vicious than her dog.

Nelson: Zulema, don't let Precious watch this.

Zulema: This is scary!!

DavidB: It's okay, Bertha. You can watch. You've seen worse.

Nelson: The woman on TV is threatening the poor woman from Animal Control.

Zulema: I can't watch this!!

Nelson: EEEEEEK!

DavidB: Teeth coming out!

Nelson: There goes her piano-playing career.

Zulema: Ouch!!!

kapilary: this woman could be a monster on Buffy...

DavidB: No softball pitching for her.

Nelson: At least it obeys its master ...

DavidB: Sheesh! Bertha doesn't like this.

Nelson: I think that evil woman got off too easy. With 3 counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The victim's breast and chest were injured. David, Zulema and I are so devoted to our dogs. How would you react if anyone tried to come between you and Bertha Blue?

DavidB: I'd call the pound. Quickly.

Nelson: And is she protective of you?

DavidB: Yes, she is. She's no wimp of a dog.

Nelson: While they replay that gruesome video, let's hear from some more of your fans.

DavidB: What's wrong, Zulema?

Zulema: The dog attack upset me a bit.

philo23: do you ever go online to the fan websites?

DavidB: No, I'm pretty much ... I don't really understand computers that much. To be quite honest, I'm still trying to understand them.

Nelson: Our MSN subscribers will teach you how.

gemini6: what do you like in a date David?

Nelson: Personally, I prefer those dates without pits in them. You David?

Zulema: Ha Ha, Nelson!!

DavidB: LOL. Honesty.

Nelson: That's it? You're not a very Hollywood guy, David.

DavidB: I'm from the East Coast, Nelson.

Zulema: You don't ask for much David!!

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: LOL. Well that way you'll never be disappointed.

DavidB: That's true. She has to like music.

Zulema: Here we go!!

DavidB: Intelligent ...

Nelson: What kind of music and what's her I.Q.?

DavidB: Quick with her thoughts. Great walk. It's all in the walk. You can tell a lot about a woman the way she just walks.

Nelson: Does she have to have a dog of her own?

DavidB: Uh huh. So Bertha can come in and hang out, and see what's going on with the other dog.

Nelson: I feel a sudden urge to be like Bob Barker and remind you to have your pet spayed or neutered.

DavidB: Oh, God. LOL. Who's the next contestant on Nelson's World?

Nelson: Angelfan, Come on down!

AngelFan: If you don't know much about computers, then you probably haven't been introduced to "cybersex"!!!

Nelson: And you won't be here!!!!!! I won't have it at my dog party!

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: David, get Bertha Blue off Lois. It won't work!

DavidB: I think she's already taking care of business.

Tessa: Do you write back to the fans that write you?

DavidB: As much as I possibly can. I do my best.

Zulema: You must get swamped with fan mail???!!!!

DavidB: Mmmm Hmmm. It's starting to pile up, and if I can't write them I've actually called some people back, which is a trip.

Nelson: David, where can your admirers write to you?

DavidB: To the attention of Warner Brothers Network, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Nelson: Or you can always e-mail him at our address, '' and we'll be happy to pass it on to David.

cala: does anyone told you that you look like alec baldwin?

DavidB: Where did Bertha get that beer can? Nelson?!?

Nelson: That's not my style. I only drink out of a flask.

DavidB: Cala, no. That's a first.

Nelson: Maybe they're thinking of one of the other Baldwin brothers ...

Tessa: Has becoming well known affected your life yet?

Nelson: It got you to Nelson's World!

DavidB: That's it. That's the biggest thing.

DavidB: It's kept me grounded. I'm fortunate to come from a very solid family background, and that's helped me keep my feet on the ground.

Nelson: Back from my home state, Pennsylvania.

DavidB: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nelson: Did you ever eat Scrapple?

DavidB: That was the worst stuff I have ever tasted.

Nelson: I think it's delicious! But then again, I was young and dumb.

Zulema: Wait, what is scrapple??

DavidB: It's like remains of all different pork, and pigs chopped up, and you bite into it and you see all this hair, it's pretty nasty.

Zulema: Uggghhhhh!

Nelson: I don't know where you got your scrapple, sir! But mine never had any HAIR in it, for God's sake!!!!!

Nelson: LOL.

DavidB: There are hair particles in it. It was nasty. It was really rough.

Nelson: I want your mother's phone number!

DavidB: LOL.

17jms: are you sick of all the nighttime shoots?

DavidB: Um. We shoot during the day as well, so it's pretty well-balanced. But I enjoy shooting during the evening hours.

Nelson: Are you a night person David?

DavidB: I am. I think it's because I was born in the evening that I enjoy the night.

Nelson: I was born at dinnertime, is that why I'm always hungry?

DavidB: The hunger. The pain.

Nelson: Zulema, our guest is hungry. Offer him your neck, would ya?

DavidB: Ah. Lovely.

Zulema: Certainly!!

Nelson: That Zulema, she does the wildest things with my guests. You should've seen her last week with Carol Alt.

DavidB: What happened?

Zulema: I was good!!

Nelson: That's what Carol said.

DavidB: I like bad.

Nelson: You can access the transcripts by going to "LAST WORDS" on the Nelson's World main page. Let's wrap up our simulchat with FOX TV's "When Animals Attack" by watching these guys rassle with a gator.

DavidB: Soon to be hand luggage.

Nelson: LOL.

Nelson: How do you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

DavidB: How?

Zulema: Is that a joke???

Nelson: No, it's not a joke! It's an honest question! It's just like "What's the difference between a camel and a dromedary?"

Zulema: You can tell by the snout I think!!

Nelson: Camels don't have snouts Honey ... The simulchat is now about to show us a brutal shark attack.

DavidB: Look at those dolpins!

Nelson: Do you ever do any underwater diving David?

DavidB: No, I haven't, I'd like to. I've been snorkeling, which is a very colorful sight to see, in Cabo San Lucas.

Zulema: Where was you last vacation spot??

DavidB: Vegas.

Nelson: Were you a winner or a loser?

DavidB: I was a winner. Blackjack.

Nelson: David, you should feel right at home, with the TV showing a lot of blood.

DavidB: Ooooh.

Tessa: Crocodiles have pointed snouts, I believe.

Nelson: Thanks Tessa!

Nelson: In fact, one of my favorite restaurants, "The Cajun Bistro" specializes in fried 'gator. So at least I know they didn't have pointed snouts ...

DavidB: Tastes like chicken.

Nelson: Actually, it tastes very similar to chicken and nothing at all like scrapple.

DavidB: With hair particles.

Nelson: You've said you like to eat, you've said you're a night owl, so what's your perfect evening out David?

DavidB: Music, dinner, dancing, cemetery crawling.

Nelson: How is it working with Sarah Michelle Gellar? (Buffy)

DavidB: It's great. Very professional.

Nelson: When she was playing Susan Lucci's daughter on "All My Children," there were rumors of a lot of friction. You don't have any tales of woe to report?

DavidB: No tales of woe. Nothing but good stuff.

cala: have you known "buffy" for a long time David?

DavidB: Just one season.

Nelson: Any sparks off-camera?

DavidB: No sparks off-camera. No, I don't see her off camera. I have to walk away, she's so good looking.

Zulema: Nelson! Get Lois off my chocolate mousse!!!

Nelson: Don't let that moose hurt Precious!!!

DavidB: No, no, no, the dogs will die if they eat chocolate!

Nelson: That's good advice. And besides, there's more for me. Let's cut the simulchat and get to some of the questions for Buffy's favorite Angel, David.

DavidB: Beached whale.

AngelFan: Do you find it strange when you are recognized out in public?

DavidB: No, it's actually a compliment. It's very nice to be recognized.

MaRiAn: did u do anything unusual to get the part of Angel?

DavidB: I auditioned. LOL. Nothing unusual. I think I went back three or four times during the audition process.

Nelson: And isn't the principal on that show the same guy on the coffee commercials?

DavidB: Not the principal ... but he's one of the teachers.

Nelson: I've noticed they've stopped running those commercials.

Karri: What kind of dog is Bertha Blue?

DavidB: She's a Labrador mix, a little Shepherd, Greyhound, basically a pound dog.

Zulema: She's neat!!!

Nelson: She ain't nothing but a pound dog ... [sings]

DavidB: She ain't nothing but a pound dog ... [sings]

Nelson: David, before we take any more questions from the audience, there are some other things about you that Zulema and I are simply ...

Zulema: Yessss!!!

DavidB: Oh, fire away.

Nelson: ... DYING TO KNOW!!!!!

Nelson: These are 10 short questions that require 10 short, honest answers. Here we go! 1) What's your favorite movie monster?

DavidB: Godzilla.

Nelson: 2) How much did you spend on your last haircut?

DavidB: $32.

Nelson: 3) What kind of role would you like to "sink your teeth into"?

DavidB: Besides this? Besides Angel, the vampire?

Nelson: Yes. The next one.

DavidB: Oh, next role ... drug addict.

Nelson: Zulema and I will give you tips. :-)

DavidB: Strung out heroin ...

Nelson: 4) Name 5 states that end with an 'A.'

DavidB: Let's see ... Alabama, Arkansas.

Nelson: Stop right there. You've blown it!

DavidB: Arizona?

Nelson: 5) How do you like your eggs?

DavidB: Scrambled. Alaska!

Nelson: 6) What brand of beer do you drink?

DavidB: [thinking] Anything that's cold.

Nelson: Corona ends with an 'A.' But that's a different state altogether.

DavidB: And I should know these because my father's a weatherman.

Nelson: And you're from Pennsylvania!

DavidB: Florida!

Nelson: 7) Have you ever broken a bone?

DavidB: No.

Nelson: 8) Have you ever seen the Liberty Bell?

DavidB: Mmm Hmmm. Being from Philadelphia ...

Nelson: That's why I asked! I was a senior in high school before I got there!!!!

DavidB: Just don't ask me to type, Nelson!

Nelson: 9) How do you take your coffee?

DavidB: Black. Lots of sugar.

Nelson: 10) Where does Bertha Blue sleep?

DavidB: Outside.

Nelson: [gasps]

Zulema: Gasp!!!

Nelson: [gasps again]

DavidB: [fake gasp] I'm sorry. Dogs belong outside. They don't belong on beds!

Zulema: Yes they do!!

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: If we didn't have so many fans waiting to ask you questions, I might ask you to step outside right now!!!!!

DavidB: Okay, she's allowed on the bed once in a while ... couch, bed.

Nelson: While I recover from that bombshell, we'll take some questions from the audience. That was a very anti-climactic round of Dying to Know!!!

Tessa: Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful brown eyes? : )

DavidB: No, thank you very much.

krieg5: how much of a pain is the make-up?

DavidB: Tedious. It's a pain taking it off rather than putting it on. The process of taking it off is very careful ... because there's a possibility of ripping your skin.

Nelson: Zulema and I would never make it through a day with those rigors.

Zulema: You're tough David!!

Nelson: We're very skin-conscious in Nelson's World.

DavidB: You guys look fabulous! You don't need makeup!

eldritch1: what nationality is "boreanaz"?

DavidB: Italian. Northern Italian.

Nelson: And yet your Dad is known as a local on-air personality back in Philly.

DavidB: Yes, that's correct.

Nelson: He uses a last name that's easier to pronounce.

DavidB: Roberts.

Nelson: IS that another family name?

DavidB: Stage name.

Nelson: I met your Dad when I was just a kid. He's not stagey at all.

DavidB: Aw, thanks. He's a good guy.

DavidB: Drove cross country with him, actually.

Nelson: How'd he get the time off from work?

DavidB: He demanded it.

Nelson: He's the Daddy!

lilyA: when should fans send birthday cards?

Nelson: In other words David ... when's your birthday?

DavidB: May 16th.

Nelson: Ahhh, Taurus.

DavidB: Ah hah. The bull.

Nelson: David, for just a moment, I have to fill the audience in on some of the lengths you've gone to in your quest for celebrity.

DavidB: And I'm still going through.

Nelson: Well, at least these are the ones that I read about.

DavidB: The tough ones ...

Nelson: There may be some racier ones I've yet to learn about. You were a TOWEL BOY?

DavidB: That's correct. Passed out towels at a sports club. Lasted about a month and a half.

Nelson: Were you bad at it?

DavidB: Couldn't coordinate all those white towels.

Nelson: I find that working in a gym is a good way to save on membership fees.

DavidB: That helps.

Nelson: What else have you done to make ends meet while waiting for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?

DavidB: I parked cars, valet at a posh hotel. I sold gourmet food door to door ...

Nelson: Were you ever an Avon Lady?

DavidB: No Avon Lady, no.

Zulema: Have you ever been a mascot at an amusement park??

DavidB: How'd you know? I remember seeing you at Six Flags years ago.

Nelson: What if your career went on a temporary hiatus? What kind of work would you pursue in the interim?

DavidB: I'd be a starving theater person. I'd go back to theater.

Nelson: Theater is how you started, right?

DavidB: That's correct.

Nelson: Who was your big theatrical influence?

DavidB: Oh ... well, I'd have to say Yul Brynner.

Nelson: "The King and I"?

DavidB: "The King and I." Saw it live in Philadelphia when I was seven years old.

Nelson: I was in the same audience, so I've now figured out exactly how old you are. But don't worry, I'll never tell.

Zulema: Have you seen Lou Diamond Phillips in that show??

DavidB: No. It would be difficult to see that show again because of the breathtaking performance by Yul Brynner. Not to say he, Lou Diamond Phillips, is not a very talented actor ...

Nelson: And then you went on to some TV roles. Like ...

DavidB: "Married With Children." Played Kelly's biker boyfriend. And then there was a lull when I did theater work. Did a show all the way out in Orange County.

Nelson: You're not afraid to travel!

DavidB: No, not at all. But I liked the play, it was a Michael Chimano play called "Hatful of Rain."

Nelson: And two feature films. "Best of the Best 2" and ...

DavidB: And there you are [referring to graphic]. But where are your skis?

Nelson: We couldn't get the logo. So we had to make one.

Karri: Your were in Best of the Best 2. Were you in the audience at the fight (in the beginning), on the floor (not in the upper seats), and did you have really big hair? (Did I guess right or did I totally not find you in this one?)

DavidB: You're right about the big hair. LOL.

Zulema: You had big hair David??

DavidB: Huge hair. They teased me in school about it, too.

Nelson: Boys from Philly tend to lean toward big hair.

DavidB: I was like a big Q-Tip head. A big swab. My hair grew up.

Nelson: I was 30 years old before I got rid of my pompadour.

Zulema: It's sneaking back!!

eldritch: what are your favorite movies and music?

DavidB: "Godfather," I have many favorite movies it's very difficult to just say one in particular. "The Godfather" was one of my favorite films, "The Deer Hunter," "Goodfellas" ... You see where I'm heading in my career, where I want to go ...

Nelson: And music?

DavidB: Music, I like all types of music. Only music I don't like is techno house music.

Nelson: There goes that game of musical chairs I was planning.

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: David, let's talk about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

DavidB: Okay.

Nelson: What can we expect this season? Will Buffy and Angel consummate their attraction?

DavidB: Now, if I told you that, then nobody would tune in.

Nelson: Is Buffy still pure?

DavidB: As white snow.

Nelson: You could change all that ...

DavidB: Possibly.

Nelson: How did you get the news that the role of Angel was going to be further developed?

DavidB: I was doing an interview towards the end of this past season, and I was notified kind of on the outside by the person who was interviewing me "were you excited to find out you were a series regular?"

DavidB: It wasn't official. But it was in the back of my mind that it could possibly happen.

DavidB: And, when word got out that I was up for another pilot, another show, they made an offer.

Nelson: Well it worked out for the best, and certainly for all your fans. Did you know you have a Web page?

DavidB: No. It's all news to me. Like I said, I'm not a big computer person here. I have problems turning the damn thing on. I do more reading than computer surfing.

Nelson: Oh look. All the dogs are nestled together, asleep.

DavidB: Isn't that sweet?

Nelson: A perfect time to take a question or two.

AngelFan: How can buffy be pure...wasn't she bit by the "master" in the final episode. Could it be that she is 1/2 vampire? Do tell David!!!!

DavidB: She was bit.

DavidB: She didn't take the blood of the master. In order to become a vampire you have to feed off the blood of another vampire.

Zulema: Is that how it works??

Nelson: FYI AngelFan, that wasn't the type of pure to which I was referring.

DavidB: Yeah, it's true.

diaboleek: what was the other pilot you were up for?

DavidB: "Baker Shift."

DavidB: Paramedic.

norkie: what would you say is your biggest talent besides acting?

DavidB: Singing in the shower.

DavidB: Frank Sinatra tunes, definitely. A little Dean Martin ...

Nelson: That gives me an idea. Zulema, what do you say we entice David to play a game of Truth ... Or Dare!!!!

DavidB: My favorite game.

Zulema: I'm alllll for it!!!!

DavidB: And Bertha's too!

Nelson: Let's make these good ones ...

Nelson: Truth Or Dare: Have you ever drawn blood while making out?

DavidB: Truth.

DavidB: Yes.

Nelson: Wow, that's rough!

Zulema: Tell us more!!!

Nelson: No no no!

DavidB: She had very sore breasts.

Nelson: Moving on ...

DavidB: I'm going to be truthful, man, you just tell me ...

Nelson: Truth Or Dare: What's the nastiest prank you've ever pulled?

DavidB: Truth.

DavidB: I'm trying to think of a prank ...

DavidB: Pulled the seat out from a fellow actor's friend during the performance when he wasn't looking.

Nelson: That's pretty rotten David!

DavidB: That was pretty rotten. But it was worth the laugh.

Nelson: I'm calling Sarah Michelle Gellar and telling her to get even for that poor guy.

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: Ok. Truth Or Dare: What was your GPA when you graduated from Ithaca College?

DavidB: Dare.

Nelson: Oh, was it that low?

Nelson: Never mind, you can't answer. It's a dare.

Zulema: (Zulema whispers in Nelson's ear.)

Nelson: Good idea!

Nelson: For your dare, since your idol is Yul Brynner, we're going to make you look more like him.

DavidB: Oh, God!

Nelson: Zulema, the razor please!

Zulema: You got it!!

DavidB: [Cowers in fear.]

Nelson: Since you admired him so, we will make you look as he did at the zenith of his life.

Zulema: I'll grab the shaving cream!!

DavidB: Oh, not the hair. Hair is everything in Hollywood. Please, no!

Nelson: When you decided to get rid of your big hair, you never would have dreamed how it would turn out.

DavidB: Oh, my god. I look like an alien [referring to graphic].

Nelson: (David takes the dare and Nelson and Zulema merrily shave every hair on his head.)

Nelson: Next time, we'll call it ... Truth or Hair.

Nelson: That was bad.

DavidB: Hah!

Zulema: LOL.

DavidB: [Breaks down sobbing.]

Nelson: Zulema, comfort David while I tell the folks what's coming up this week in Nelson's World!

DavidB: Great neck!

Zulema: David!!!

Nelson: Join Nelson's World every night this week at 6 p.m. Pacific / 9 p.m. Eastern.

Nelson: Tomorrow we'll welcome Dr. Carole Leiberman, author of the best-selling book "Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live With Them and When to Leave Them."

Nelson: Wednesday, meet comedienne Nora Dunn who will be here to tell us about her new one-woman show "Small Prey."

Nelson: On Thursday, it's the glamorous Joan Van Ark.

Nelson: And Friday, meet funny lady Kim Coles.

Nelson: Feel free to linger in the chitchat room whenever you so desire. It's there for you. You can get there by clicking on the chitchat icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Nelson: David, before we wake the dogs up and go for a midnight run through the neighborhood to show off your new scalp, let's get you to answer a few last questions.

DavidB: Very good.

Tessa: Who would you like to work with?

DavidB: My dad.

DavidB: LOL.

Nelson: Then we'd lose you to Philadelphia.

DavidB: Great cheese steaks.

Nelson: The scrapple's not bad either. As long as you get the kind without the hair on it.

mfb: how the heck do you pronounce your last name?

Nelson: Spell it phonetically for the audience David!

DavidB: Bor-e-a-naz

Zulema: ... and for Nelson too!!

Nelson: It's not that hard. I think I've got it now. Bor-e-a-naz.

DavidB: Bright lights. The aurora borealis.

Nelson: David, thanks so much for flying into Nelson's World tonight AND for bringing in Bertha Blue. She's very sweet, even if I did have to sustain minor damage to my furnishings.

DavidB: Thanks. Can she have your shoe? Can she take the shoe with her? She's become quite fond of it.

Nelson: Certainly, only having one wouldn't serve me very well.

Zulema: You and Berth Blue were so much fun, thanks for coming!!!

eldritch: thanks david

DavidB: Thank you.

Tessa: How does it feel to have at least half of the girls in America in love with you? Me being one of many.

DavidB: Aw, that's nice. That's really nice. It makes me feel really good.

Nelson: Tessa, I hope you love him without hair!

DavidB: LOL.

DavidB: Wigs have come a long way these days.

Karri: Have you ever considered taking a vacation in lets say, oh... Florida?

Nelson: Maybe he'll surprise you.

Nelson: See you tomorrow everyone!!!!

DavidB: Bye bye@

Nelson: XOXOXO

This transcript has been edited. The comments and opinions reflected here are strictly those of Nelson and his Guest, and are not necessarily endorsed by MSN.   This transcript and the pict are property of MSN and Nelson Aspen


Transcript of the chat with David on Talk City


Transcript from May 15, 1998
Talk City Presents
Actor, David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz is seen on the popular TV show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


CCCMyst: Talk City Presents in association with BoxTop Live (tm) Welcomes You to Tonight's Feature Presentation and now without further ado Welcome David Boreanaz.  David, welcome to Talk City!

Questions: mysterygirl says: David, welcome to Talk City! Tell us
about your role on the show?

David: Well, he's a 242 year old vampire. His conscience has been lifted... He had one night of romance with Buffy, and is now playing some mind games with her friends, so they're fighting right now.

Questions: buffyfan says: can u tell us anything about the next season?

David: Next season is going to be determined by the next episode, so there will be a lot of questions that will arise at the end of the season, and also some answers that viewers have been wondering about!

Questions: jacqueline says: David, I just want you to know I enjoy watching you on Btvs and hope to see you in many other projects.

David: Thank you! :-)  I like working on the show.   It's a lot of fun, and we have some other projects that we're looking at now, in films.

Questions: chickas says: ok, love the show think your great on it.  Anyhow, if they make you good again, will you have as much time on screen and a chance to develop the character as you did when Angel is bad?

David: I think definitely the producers would grant that for me. There's a balance between Angel's good and   evil sides that he'd love to tap into.

Questions: chickas says: So David, can I call you David? Were you surprised that the show has come along as well as it has, or did you feel it was going to do real good?

David: Didn't think one way or the other - I was just happy to be working, and took each episode as it came. It was  one of those blessings that we have. :-)

Questions: blue6 says: what else would you like to do besides acting?

David: I'd like to get into some producing and directing... creatively produce some projects. That would probably be in film, because of the amount of time you can work on a project.

Questions: judy says: I watch every Tuesday night and I would like to know who made you a vampire?

David: Darla made me a vampire - that was found out at the beginning of this season's two-part finale. Darla turned me into a vampire in 1753.

Questions: mick says: What do you like most about your part in the show?

David: I enjoy the overall cast, and the fact that it's a well-written show. I enjoy working with Josh and David Greenwald, the two people who created it.

Questions: jacqueline says: David, would you rather be doing television or movies?

David: Doesn't really matter. I just enjoy the work.  I have nothing against television over film, or film over television.  I like the concentration and focus on film work, but there's not one I prefer.  Either or. :-)

Questions: twinstar81 says: I know this question is a bit weird for you, considering that your a guy, but is Nick as good looking as he is on screen??  I know you are. I'm sure he is too!

David: Yeah, he is!

Questions: myangel7 says: What is going to happen to the "gang" when they graduate next year?

David: Oh geez, I don't know!  That's up to the writers on the show and where they want to take it.  You never know; they can go in any direction, basically!

Questions: pernilla says: Kiri would like to know what color eyes you have, and if you are right handed or not.

David: I'm right handed, and I have brown eyes.

Questions: isisosiris says: David... When you decided to pursue acting, did you ever consider live theater as opposed to television/movies?

David: Oh yes, I did all theater before I got into television.  It's part of my background. I prefer theater. I did a play here, a Sam Shepherd play, and the whole experience was memorable in itself, and I worked with some good people. It was a lot of fun.

Questions: gwen1 says: What's it like playing a vampire?

David: Actually, it's interesting.  Angel's character is so old, that there's a lot you can go to. He's more than a
vampire, he has so many demons inside that need to be explored.  He's a well rounded character full of tunnels you can travel.

Questions: krazykatt says: Who is/was your favorite comic book superhero?

David: Spiderman was one of my favorites.  I thought he was great.  I enjoyed his personality, and I thought he was really cool. :-)

Questions: redrose721 says: Hi, I wanted to know if Angel is ever going to come back to the show? I mean, I like him with a soul so much more.   Plus, I think you're a great actor!

David: Well, watch the finale, and you'll be surprised.   :-)  This season is going to be quite a ride!

Questions: angelus1 says: How did you get the part of Angel?

David: I had to audition for it. My manager sent me in, and I read for the producers three or four times. It just came about at the eleventh hour, that they were looking for the character. I filled their need, and was able to develop more of the character than they expected. That was probably the chemistry that Sarah and I had, so it was a good thing.

Questions: hana says: David. If Joss gave you the choice, who would you rather play for the remaining run of the show, Angel or Angelus? And why.

David: I really don't like one or the other. I like both of them.  There's a vulnerable side to his good character, and a rambunctious side to the evil Angel.  The two of them together would be fun, to balance it out.

Questions: angelssoul says: David, what's your favorite movie?

David: It's so hard! There are so many films that I enjoy.   I enjoy all different types of old films. My favorite  film maker is Martin Scorcese. Goodfellas was one of my favorites, and I like The Deer Hunter. Angels With Dirty Faces, and old Cagney film. There are so many, we could be here forever!

Questions: twikos says: David do you have a favorite episode from Buffy The Vampire Slayer?  If so why is it your favorite?

David: That's another hard one.  There are so many I enjoyed being a part of, but also watching.  They're so varied, and they all offer something.  There's something in each one that makes it unique, and it's tough to pick a unique quality.

Questions: dayna says: Happy B-Day tomorrow David!   Please finish this sentence "A normal day to me would be (feel free to fantasize)....."

David: Thank you!  ...depending upon what's happening that day!  As far as work, it depends on what we're shooting, what the scenes involve and what I'm doing in them.  When I'm not working, it would be relaxing, traveling, hanging out with my dog. Traveling, outside L.A. if possible, reading.

Questions: latiam says: Is Angel still wearing his Claddaugh ring?

David: Yes, he is still wearing it, but he's wearing it in the other direction.   :-)

Questions: slickmacdaddycrumbcake says: If you could be any one else for a day, who would it be and why?

David: I'd like to be my father, to see his perspective on his son and his family.  That would be interesting.  Or my grandfather, who's 91 and slowly forgetting things.

Questions: cimbornone says: David, you have been working with James and Juliet a lot lately, with Angelus around, how do you think the 3 characters have grown together?

David: There's definitely a bond between the three of them.   They've grown somewhat inseparable, because they feed off each others' antics.   They could be considered The Three Stooges in the comic sense.  Everything seems to backfire.  They do get some kills, but they lose out in the end.

Questions: hello_kitty says: Do you feel that you are like Angel in any way, and if so how.

David: Probably his vulnerable side.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and loves the evening hours.  He's not as crazy as Angel is, and would be more connected to his vulnerable side than his evil side.

Questions: tempestuous says: I live in Australia and we just finished our 1st season, do you believe the show goes up hill from here?, thank you

David: Definitely!  There's a difference between the first and second season.  It takes time to learn and grow, and find your bearings.   As everyone gets comfortable, there's more spontaneous things happening.  So there's definitely a difference.  Joss enables us to improvise - although the words are pretty much there.  If we have a question, he allows us to express ourselves.   In rehearsal, he'll adjust it, and allows us to try different things. That's a lot of fun being allowed to have that kind of opportunity.

Questions: smglover says: Is there going to be a BUFFY movie (another one) with the actors from the TV show?

David: There is some talk about that.  If and when it does get done it probably won't happen until next year some time.  And a movie would be a lot of fun to do.

Questions: goddessgirl13 says: David Boreanaz-Are you and Nicholas Brendan friends off the set?

David: Yeah, we hang out.  We haven't had a chance to see each other in a while; I've been traveling a bit.  Nick is a friend off-set we go out, do things together.

Questions: loris says: What cast member do you get along with best/hang around with most off camera?

David: That would be Nick. :-)

Questions: samantha says: Do you do any of your stunts, or do you have a stunt double?

David: There's a stunt double. I do a percentage of them - I don't tackle the major fiascoes we have. There are some you have to do in order to get the close-ups that are needed. The stunt people are just wonderful, and well trained so the stunts are orchestrated beautifully.

Questions: darla says: Did you feel claustrophobic when they made the mold of your face for the prosthetic vampiric face?

David: Actually it wasn't too bad. It was pretty soothing.   They put two straws in your nose, and I didn't think about it because I am claustrophobic in real life. I just relaxed, and thought of it as a big facial. It was an interesting mold experience.

Questions: tempestuous says: I read that your favorite actor is Gary Oldman, I agree, he is the best villain, what would you consider his greatest movie?

David: I really enjoyed him in The Professional, but he was also very good in Bram Stoker's Dracula, and in True Romance. I also loved him in other roles. He's just a phenomenal talent.

Questions: redstorm says: Is the tattoo real?

David: No, it's not.  It's actually silk-screened, and Todd MacIntosh, the makeup artist puts it on.  We were using it as a stick-on, but the silk-screen stays on much better. It is a reproduction of the Gaelic symbol.

Questions: ilovedavidboreanaz says: David I just wanted to thank you for sending me back an autograph picture.  I really appreciate it.   Thanks!!!

David: Oh, you're welcome!  My pleasure, and thank you for watching the show.  It is a cult show, and it definitely does make a difference having such supportive fans!

Questions: aashley says: how long does it take to shot one show?

David: It's an eight-day schedule for one show, and it's so long because of the special effects and stunts which take up a day, and can take many hours.  They can be 16-hour days sometimes.

Questions: goldknight says: What is Angelus' ancestry?   And what is yours?

David: He's Irish, and I'm Italian/Czechoslovakian.    :-)

Questions: grjm58 says: What are you going to do for your birthday?

David: I don't know yet!  I've been so busy traveling that I haven't had a chance to figure that one out yet! Probably just be with some friends and family.

Questions: darla says: SMG once remarked that she beats the guys to the trailer after a shoot to take her make-up off.  Do you find yourself feeling the same way about all of the make-up or are you completely
indifferent to all of it?

David: When I have the vampire face on, you want to get out of it as soon as you can!  It takes over an hour to take it off, and you can't just rip it off, it has to be taken off slowly.  After such a long day, I don't really think about it, I just want to get home. :-)

Questions: daria_tvs says: Have you read any of the fan fiction surrounding the show? What do you think of the way in which many of the authors portray your character and how do you feel about how this reflects on you?

David: I haven't read any of the fan fiction, although I have heard of it.

Questions: marcus says: Will you get to direct any episodes next season?

David: No, I'll leave that to the directors.  It's a job in itself- a strenuous task to direct anything.  I'm focusing on my acting now.   Good thing about the show is that we have a different directory

Questions: kariann5 says: What other shows or movies have you appeared in?

David: every show, so we get to work with different directors.

Questions: samantha says: Are there going to be any new characters on the show? ...such as a new slayer?

David: Well, we had a slayer who got "slayed" this past episode.  I don't really know what's going to happen, although I'll probably get more of a feel for it within a couple of weeks.  I'm sure there will be some new characters introduced though - you have to mix up the bag!   :-)

Questions: londongrrl1 says: Are you into any reading?   if so, who's your fav author?

David: I just finished a book called Into The Wild, which is about environment and nature.  As for favorite author, it's a bit like picking a favorite movie, there are so many.  The late Roald Dahl, Charles Dickens... I like a lot of poetry.  It really depends on what kind of mode I'm in.  I'm usually reading three of four books at a time - it's hard for me to sit and finish one.

Questions: btvsrox says: Since your done filming Buffy about what time do you start up filming the show again?

David: That's a day schedule kind of thing.  The call time fluctuates, because you can't determine when you're going to finish.  They're pretty tight on the production, and they have to be.  But it's definitely a fluctuating timetable...  We start shooting probably the second week of July.

Questions: jj says: what would you change about your character   jj

David: I'd love to go outside in one of those thermal suits so I wouldn't get burned up!  Not much really.  I'm enjoying the slow progress of this character.  There's not really much I'd like to change or different ways I'd like to go. :-)

Questions: angelus1 says: What is Sarah Like to Work With

David: She's great! Very professional.  She shows up, is fun, spontaneous, and has a good sense of humor.  It's very easy to do certain scenes because we have a certain bond that makes for very spontaneous work, which is always best to have.

Questions: angleman says: David were you glad to learn Angel's past and did it surprise you?

David: It somewhat did, because I really didn't know where in the past they were going to go to.  It was dictated by Joss and David.  It was an interesting journey.  I'd like to go back to more of his cast; that's a great thing about this character that he has a lot of history.

Questions: renee_b says: How was it coming back to Philly?...Oh, yeah, happy Birthday...

David: Thanks! Coming back to Philly is always great.   Coming back to a place where you have such memories, where you grew up, and are welcomed with such warmth and love and the food!  I love Philadelphia - it's a great city.  I miss the cheese steaks!  I'm a sucker for that.  You can't get enough of them!

Questions: angelust says: How do you feel about being voted "Hottie of the Week" on Z100 in New York on April 18?

David: It's one of those things that you just kind of take for what it is. It's nice to know... I say thank you, and thank my parents.  It's a strange question to answer...  but I think "okay, thanks". :-)

Questions: lilred27 says: Did you actually get to do any sword-fighting for the filming of Becoming 2?

David: Oh yes!  I did a lot of it.  We worked a lot with Jeff Pruit, who is the stunt coordinator, and ended up doing more than they expected, which is always good for shooting.

Questions: persephone says: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

David: I don't like to really look into the future.  I'm not one to predict what's going to happen down the road.  I hope for  continued happiness, the balance and perspective of self, and what's happening to you and around you.  All that, and being blessed by still having my family around.  Love, happiness. :-)

Questions: moka00 says: what is the best thing about being on the show?

David: It's being able to work with Joss and David, the writers, and the people on the show.  The director of photography is great to be around.  The plots, the different types of creatures, and monsters.  It's cool to see how special effects works, and the makeup and prosthetics - it's like a little playground!

Questions: angelslover says: What's it like working so closely with the daughter of an Oscar winning actor such as Martin Laudau?  Juliet seems awesome, so I was curious.

David: It's great working with Juliet.  She's wonderful; very well prepared, and it's great to mirror her image when working, because you get such depth.  She offers quite an arrangement of energy on all levels.  I look forward to those days working with people like that, because you know you're going to have a good time, and to support each other on the bad days.  It's a give and take kind of thing.

Questions: goldknight says: Is it true that when you and Sarah have to do a kissing scene you try to gross each other out with onion rings and other things?

David: Oh yes! That's what's great about working with people like that. We have fun. We battle each other with disgusting foods we can eat - those are the little things we do to amuse not only ourselves, but the other people we're shooting with.

Questions: jennielm says: I was wondering if you had any vampire interests before you joined the Buffy cast.

David: I didn't have much of a vampire interest.  I was more interested in Frankenstein!  I didn't think about all that kind of stuff.   The character came about, and I read
some of the Anne Rice novels, and saw some of the movies, but I wasn't really too much into it.

Questions: angellover says: Do you have any pets?  If so, let me guess, a vampire bat! hahaha :-)

David: A dog. Her name's Bertha Blue, a hound dog about four years old.  No bats. ;-)

Questions: daria_tvs says: David, I know that you were in attendance at the Posting Board Party, what do you think of the fact that such a huge internet following for the show exists?

David: It's a good thing!  The internet is a good, positive way for expressing information and news - communication thing.  It's a good thing for the show to air the show, and then get online to spread information about it. It's a plus.

Questions: i_luv_buffy_sooooo_much says: I saw you in Twist Magazine, and I was wondering if you'll make any more magazine appearances?

David: I was in Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide coming out... People...  there will certainly be an arrangement of some other magazines coming out.   It depends on when the show's running, and the season.

Questions: kulashaker says: Your father seems to be a big influence on your life.  Do you have any other heroes?

David: Besides my father, my grandfather would be up there as well.  An unbelievable wise man, full of knowledge.  I'm a real family person, and they've affected all levels of my life.  Where I go, what I feel, how I react.   They've always been there for me, and likewise.  They're family heroes.   As for acting role models, I'm a huge Pacino fan, De Niro.  Brando is my favorite idol of all, as far as actors are concerned.  He epitomizes what acting is to me.  He was very real, and I really respect that.  He was tops for me; he was the coolest.

Questions: hunnypot says: You had a pretty good Irish accent in the first part of the season finale... did you have to get trained or do you have some background?

David: I trained, definitely.  I studied and took it up, and worked on it.  It comes with the preparation and focus; it's not an easy thing.   It takes a lot of time to master, and I'm my worst critic! I'd beat myself up over it.  I looked forward to the challenge of it, and want to do it again.  If you're afraid of something, you should really go for it!

Questions: finabair says: Who's the biggest practical joker on the set and can you tell us about some of their jokes?

David: That would be everybody!  Everybody enjoys a joke now and then.  It keeps the set lighthearted.  There's no one  I can really think of - pulled-out chairs, wrong call sheets.  Even the production people play jokes too. That's a huge arena!

Questions: ^cordy^ says: Juliet said that you once wore the vamp face to a table reading.  Is that true and why did you do it??

David: Goodness no!  That would be the worst thing to do!  Just for a table read, I'd never do that.  When you wear that thing you really want to get out of it, it itches so much!  I wouldn't put it on just for fun.

Questions: btvsrox1 says: Do you dress like you do on the show in real life?

David: The wardrobe is very funny.  I don't know where Angel does his shopping!  I don't actually dress as glossy as he does.  It's more of a generic dresser - a kind of jeans/t-shirt guy.  Angel's more of a high-styled dresser.  That's a difference between the two of us.  He wears a lot of velvet - not that there's anything wrong with velvet - but I wouldn't wear it that much.

Questions: btvsrox says: When you saw the script for the episode your character turned bad what was your reaction?

David: I kind of knew in advance that it was coming, but it was a surprise to read the depth to it.  I really enjoyed that; it was a good surprise.  It was a challenge to make a transition that I was excited about, and ready to tackle!

Questions: jessi1 says: How did you prepare for the role of Angel on Buffy?

David: That all depends on what he's doing in the specific scenes.  You could easily break it down to an improv situation.  That really is dependent upon what the scenes is calling for at the moment.  You prepare certain choices, and go through them in rehearsal.  You whittle them down and then have may be two or three takes to try those choices.

Questions: twikos says: David do you have a favorite band or singer from Buffy? why?

David: Chibo Matto came and play at the beginning of the season, and I really enjoyed his music, and hanging out with him. I'm a real classic rock and roll fan - Stones and Crosby, Stills and Nash. I'm a huge Grateful Dead fan, so it's a different type of music.

Questions: darla says: Did you ever take or try to take anything of Angel's home with you? (For example: Sarah wore Buffy's brown boots on Leno, James tried to take Spike's jacket, and Juliet reportedly took Dru's fangs home to practice speaking with them)

David: The fangs.. I have an extra set at home to practice with.  His shoes, to break in.

Questions: darla says: Who would you like to see guest star on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

David: Howard Stern!  He'd be a great annoying vampire!

Questions: rosie-aka-vt says: In the Nike golf gear photos is the golf club you are kissing a big birtha?

David: That's my club.  I brought those clubs with me, actually.  I'm a big golfer; it's one of my favorite things to do.  When I'm not working I like to be on the course, swinging the clubs.

Questions: sarahw says: How far ahead of time do you shoot episodes before they air?

David: We'll start our production in July, and we're six shows ahead.  When you see it on TV it seems like ages ago!

Questions: vpandora says: I love the show David, keep up the excellent work!  I hope to receive one of your pictures from you soon! :-)

David: Thank you!

Questions: tempestuous says: do you personally add to the humor of the show?  I know Sarah does

David: That would be sarcastic remarks that Angel had when he was evil.  The writing is great on the show, and there are definitely humorous moments that we can add.

Questions: cccmyst says: David, it's been a pleasure to have you with us tonight! Is there anything we didn't get to that you would like to touch on?

David: Thanks for everyone tuning in to Talk City.   Sorry I couldn't respond to every question, but thank you for watching the show and keeping it alive - not putting a stake in our show's heart!

DianeCCC: Our show has come to an end this evening.  We thank you, our Great Audience, and give a special thanks to our celebrity guest, David Boreanaz, playing Angel on Warner Brothers hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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Transcript from Celebrity Chat with

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's David Boreanaz: November 14th


HappyMeal98 says, "If a fan sent you their e-mail address, would you e-mail them? Likewise, if they sent the address for a fan page, would you visit it and sign their guest book?"

David Boreanaz says, "Hi everyone sorry for the delay....If you want to reach me write into Warner Bros. in Burbank California I am not currently set up with an e-mail address....once again sorry for the delay."

anthrogirl says, "Hi David, Have you given any thought to setting up an official fan club?"

WereWolf20 says, "Are you excited to be getting your own show?"

David Boreanaz says, "Warewolf 20...yes I am excited it is going to be a lot of fun...getting involved in something that will be close to home it will be a nice transition ..I am looking forward to diving into Angel's character more and more and looking forward to the challenge."

sylvain6 says, "David: are you going to be starring/co-starring in any upcoming feature films?"

David Boreanaz says, "Silvane6: There is a film slated to go in this next hiatus and we are waiting for the clear to go ahead...but I can't get that deep into it because we have to keep everyone guessing but it is down the line...I am more concerned with work everyday but as an actor you want to get the work as much as you can and act as much as you can."

JenniferL2 says, "David - Now that you will be moving onto the new series, do you have any plans of taking a stab at directing an episode?"

David Boreanaz says, "You guys should get that voice activated software."

David Boreanaz says, "Directing is a very difficult job in TV because it is so fast you don't have the time or the patience and you can not work with each individual shot like you do in film....I'd like to take a stab at directing an episode but I don't that will happen for a few years."

LoreleiVamp says, "Is there a chance you and Buffy will have one last romance or sex scene before you start your own show?"

David Boreanaz says, "Laurelivamp: Ohhh....jez...I hope so I hope we have more sex scenes in the future...she should come over to my show and we could shack up together from now on....put her on my show like that permanently."

LoreleiVamp says, "David, do you think your own persona fits your character?"

David Boreanaz says, "You know that I think that bits and pieces of it do...I consider a bit of my personality in Angel...but I'm not fully angel and I don't go out vamping and snapping necks on my own but it has a bit of my persona."

felixthepig says, "what are you doing in Texas right now with levis? what are the fans like there?"

David Boreanaz says, "The fans here are is like what is going on in Texas that the fans are so responsive...the levis are with the original spin program at and you create your own jeans that fit your own style...they fit you for your size but you design them to fit your style and who you are ....I am on this tour doing this in Texas right now and it is doing really well...I'm not doing research for Buffy right now or the other show."

HappyMeal98 says, "What do you prefer more: working with the current cast or the prospect of a new cast and you being the star?"

David Boreanaz says, "HappyMeal98: You know even when you work with....I don't work with much of the cast I work with Sarah and Spike and Drucilla and hopefully they'll be involved in the new show....I always look forward to working with new characters....we might go back and visit them on their show and they will visit me on a perfect world.....yea....I can't say that I will miss working with all of them because I haven't worked with all of them."

Ninja_Girl says, "Do you think Buffy could kick Xena's butt? =]"

David Boreanaz says, "Ninja_Girl: yea of course why not....Xena is too big and buff and Buffy is too smooth and quick...and Xena has too much armor on her."

anthrogirl says, "Hi David, I enjoy your portrayal of Angel very much. What other characters would you like to play."

David Boreanaz says, "Anthrogirl: I'd like...any kind many characters...I did plays before I did the show...I played characters that were addicted to many habits from drug addiction to characters dying of AIDs to Schizophrenics...I tend to go toward the odd off balance characters....I want to do a cowboy someday and do a western even though I always routed for the Indians in those movies....I also like thieves in films and would like to play a diamond thief and would like to get into comedy and would like to get into it and have yet to get into it."

DavidFan1 says, "Hi David, my name is Beth. I saw you in Chicago last week. It was so nice to finally meet you. I hope you come visit again."

David Boreanaz says, "There are so many ...and you get into a character as you get presented a script."

David Boreanaz says, "DavidFan!1: Oh thank you ....I would love to go back to Chicago and the people are really friendly and there was a good turnout in Chicago.,"

AngeLuver1 says, "ask /Hello! When you visit the Levis stores, are you going to speak or sign autographs, or what? You're coming to my city on the 20th and I want to know what to expect, I had no idea we were allowed to bring camcorders to the comic con..."

David Boreanaz says, "AngelLuver1: You guys can bring anything that you want....that is going to be in San Diego and bring whatever you want on the 20th....I will be signing all kinds of things...this is a fun thing."

buffy_luver says, "I've heard rumors, but did you really get married??"

David Boreanaz says, "burry_luver: Did I ...well read the TV guide....I don't like to answer questions about my personal life...I like to keep it personal....that is the way that I am...I don't mean to offend people when I say that that is just how it is."

Sevan2 says, "Hey David...I wanted to know how we could get autographed pictures? could ya tell us?"

David Boreanaz says, "Sevan2: You can also write into Warner Bros. in Burbank, CA in care of Buffy the Vampire slayer and they will forward it to my people and we will get one out to you as soon as we can."

JenniferL2 says, "Thanks David, for taking the time to be here and for the amazing performances you have treated us to. We have seen Angel undergo two major changes in the past year. What BtVS character (other than Angel) do you think has changed the most of late?"

David Boreanaz says, "JenniferL2: This season I think there will be a considerable amount of character changes and everyone is changing....I think surprisingly Giles...I think that he is a bit of an underscore of the characters but I think he is undergoing a lot of changes."

David Boreanaz says, "Lestat the vampire....he is a cool character in an Ann Rice novel...I like him."

Ninja_Girl says, "What is the biggest misconception that your fans have about you?"

David Boreanaz says, "Ninja_Girl: the biggest.....misconception....that I am a dark brooding guy."

Janana1234 says, "Hey David! I heard that if you get a fan mail that has a phone number in it that you will sometimes call your fans, is that true??"

AngeLuver1 says, "for the Levi's thing, do we bring things for you to sign or do we buy stuff there?"

David Boreanaz says, "Janana1234: Yes sometimes that is true. that depends on the mood that I am in or if I am moved by the letter and I want to call them.;"

David Boreanaz says, "AngelLuver1: I will have pictures there...definitely....get there early."

Cosmosa says, "I think you do an excellent job acting on Buffy. I was wondering if your new show "Angel" will be like "Buffy"?"

David Boreanaz says, "Cosmosa: It will be a different look than Buffy in that it is not a show about adolescence but about butting everyone's demons and their trash that they hold in their closets it will be more attractive as far as its content is concerned and it will be more vicious and evil."

Morbidmuch says, "What is the movie you are going to do?? Star Wars?? Scream 3???"

David Boreanaz says, "Morbibmuch: Scream wars would be a lovely gig."

AngeLuver1 says, "Do you do Tai Chi (or whatever it was) or any kind of martial arts on your own like you did in the last aired episode of Buffy?"

David Boreanaz says, "AngelLuver1: Do I do that by box....I am now getting into Tai Chi now since the show introduced me into it...I did a bit of it is a form of slow is a meditative trance of yoga but you go thru these movements these Chi movements and become the wind."

smgfan1 says, "David, I am one of these fans mothers, do you feel that your character (Angel) reaches to all age groups or just teenage girls"

David Boreanaz says, "smgfan!: I think that he reaches to all age groups because he is 242 years old and that is one of my goals and his goals is to definitely get into a hierarchy of older people that can relate to his character...he is tormented by his past and has a conscious and there is no-one on this earth that doesn't have a conscious about one's actions and then having to be responsible for them."

Janana1234 says, "One thing that I have been wanting to know for a long time is, Does Angel remember all the bad things he did when he was evil??"

David Boreanaz says, "Of course....that is one of the things that haunts episode 10 that is coming out in the Christmas time... it is about his past and he is reminded about his killing and his nightmares...that is one of the curses that the gypsy people gave him is that he has a conscious and has to account for his past and all of the blood that he shed,."

LabyrnthChld says, "What has been the influence/inspiration that has kept you going...especially before "Buffy"?"

David Boreanaz says, "LabyrnthChld: My father...I am very close to him...and my mom.,...I am blessed with great father has always been patience and told me to follow my dreams....I don't believe in goals I believe in dreams because they are not short lived and more attainable."

Michelle165 says, "David, I doubt this will be answered but here goes. I love you acting. Is there any advice you have for aspiring actors/actresses? P.S. My brother loves SMG, please tell her that he (Greg) says hi! He'll love me for it!"

David Boreanaz says, "Michelle165: I tell her SMG that he says advice is to do theater any kind you can do...whether there is one person on stage or several....confront your fears because it helps. ...and experience life...I have always hated the word actor....I like portraying go to a park and imitate someone...we are being truthful in the portrayal...whether thru an accent or a gesture or a way someone looks around you can use it....also study off of other actors"

David Boreanaz says, "Every artist takes from other artists ...take it and use it your way,....not the way that they would do it...that is what makes it so persona."

smgfan1 says, "thank you for answering our question you are a great guy"

David Boreanaz says, "smgfan1: Oh your welcome!"

David Boreanaz says, "One or two more questions because my cell phone battery is dying."

David Boreanaz says, "Thanks to everybody for coming in...I look forward to seeing you in San Diego...and I look forward to coming back and chatting.....with another cell phone is dying...I appreciate you all tuning in....thanks again."


A TV Guide Live Event Chat with David Boreanaz


May 22, 2000

TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with David Boreanaz from the popular WB series Angel. Hi David!

Boreanaz: Hi! Sorry I missed everyone last night. My apologies. But, I'm glad to be here today, and I hope everyone is having a good day so far.

Question: I've noticed that Angel is smiling more frequently in episodes (and what a great smile it is) Are they moving the show and/or the character toward a lighter mood?

Boreanaz: I think from the beginning from the show, my intention was to lighten the character up a bit. I think with the second season, he will be lighter on his face, and not so much of a shallow brooding character. Because he knows the direction he's going after tonight's season finale, it will enable him to be lighter going forward.

Question: Mr. Boreanaz, are they considering bringing back the character of Doyle on Angel?

Boreanaz: As of now, Doyle character is not on hold, but he's gone for now. The producers felt that his character didn't fit the direction that the show was going in. Which was a shame because not only was he a talented actor, but a close friend of mine. But, Glenn is doing considerably well, and there will be other characters who will be taking on a similar role to Doyle's.

Question: Was Angel a character that Joss Whedon had in mind for big things from day one, or was it something that developed over time?

Boreanaz: It developed over time. There were no developments to spin him off into his own show, until the response from all of you. It definitely developed over time.

Question: David, what was your favorite episode of Angel this season? Were there any episodes you had high hopes for, but didn't turn out as well as you expected?

Boreanaz: That's tough. Every episode was really good. The only one I didn't like was episode two. I liked the Spartacus episode. I also liked the one where I got to be human for a day. That was a blast. And the pilot, the one that Joss directed. And the season finale, that was fun as well.

Question: David, How does it feel knowing that you are so popular that your character has been made into a toy action figure?

Boreanaz: I just enjoy the work. That's all. :)

Question: How did you celebrate your birthday?

Boreanaz: I was in NYC with my friends and family. I went out to dinner and to a party in the city that was thrown for me. I had a great time. :)

Question: Hi David, I was wondering what you do when you're on hiatus (other than theatre projects)? :)

Boreanaz: Just sleeping. Possibility of doing some work on another project. Because of scheduling, it's hard to fit things in during hiatus. But, first and foremost... SLEEP! :)

Question: How is Bertha Blue?

Boreanaz: She's good. She's right here. She's running around like crazy... one ear up, one ear down and enjoying the joys of spring.

Question: David, other than Angel, what character would you like to portray someday, and why?

Boreanaz: Anything that is plot motivated motivates the character to great things. I like romantic roles, anything with grace and style. Any actor goes for the physically demanding part, like going from playing someone who's disabled, those are the ones that can give you a great deal to work with. I don't really say that I want to play X, Y, and Z in the future.

Question: David, are you planning to write or direct any episodes next season?

Boreanaz: Probably sometime down the line, I'd like to direct an episode. But, for now, I'm just acting.

Question: Who has been your biggest influence towards your acting career?

Boreanaz: Ooooh, I'd have to say my father. Both of my parents have been very supportive, but my father has really helped me to understand scripts and what they mean. And just my love for live and getting out and meeting people. Getting a grip on the human psyche and understanding where they stand.

Question: When does First Light come out? And what is it about?

Boreanaz: First Light is still in the working, planning stages. I don't see it getting made until next year. It's really dependent on getting the right people involved. The script is done. But, we want to get some response from people out there before making it.

Question: How long does it take to put on the vampire make-up?

Boreanaz: Takes an hour to put it on. It's a small prosthetic piece that goes from the forehead down to the nose. Then the make-up artist mixes it in.

Question: How many of your own stunts do you do?

Boreanaz: I do as much as I possibly can. Producers hate me for that. I feel I have a responsibility to the characters to do as much as I can, and I like the physicality of the roles. But, my stunt double, Mike Messa, does a great job and he takes care of me. I probably do about 50% of them.

Question: Any chance of Faith becoming a regular/recurring character? Also, the flashbacks with you and Darla are great - it really gives us a better sense of what Angel has overcome.

Boreanaz: After the season finale, you really get an idea of where the character is going, hopefully for the next three seasons or so. Faith is a great character, she will be back, but I don't know if it will be as a regular or recurring character. And I like the flashbacks too. And there's going to be a big surprise in tonight's episode.

Question: Is there an address to write to you and receive an autographed picture?

Boreanaz: At will be how you get to my official website, and it will be launched May 31st.

Question: Where would you like to see the character of Angel go?

Boreanaz: Well, I'm pretty secure with how the writers are approaching this character. And I have no doubts about their take on the character and where he's going. So, I'm pretty secure with how it's going right now.

Question: Congratulations on the success of Angel, I think it's a very deep show and I never miss it. How has the show's success affected your social/private life and has your success changed your perspective on life?

Boreanaz: No, I'm fortunate to have great family and friends who keep me grounded. The success of Angel has been due to you, and your support of it. Your personal life is somewhat invaded, but you have to keep in mind that's part of the business. You just have to remain truthful to yourself. You have to realize that it's a fleeting moment in your career. Things go up, things go down. I'm just glad to be working right now. :)

Question: What would you be doing if your were not acting?

Boreanaz: Maybe be in architecture. I love buildings, and being outside. I like sports, too. Or maybe something with animals.

Question: Any tips for people looking to be actors or actresses?

Boreanaz: Well, first of all, I would suggest highly to do as much theater as you can. That's the best way to find out about yourself, and if this is the right profession for you. And be patient. It doesn't all happen overnight.

Question: What are your beliefs about the "supernatural"?

Boreanaz: Really none whatsoever. I believe in the myths and legends, and keeping them alive. Particularly the legends. I don't take all of that to seriously. I just look at the stories and what they're worth.

TV Guide Online: Thank you David! We had a great time! And please come back and talk with us soon!

Boreanaz: Thanks for tuning in for the chat. I enjoyed speaking with you. Unfortunately, I have to go to another event. But, thanks for coming and for your support of the show. Be sure to tune in for the season for the season finale... it'll be a blast. No pun intended. :) And I'm sure we'll talk again sometime down the line. Keep watching!







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